Thursday, May 31, 2007

Chinoz on the park?

Yesterday after paying for my car insurance which would be due on 4th june 2007, me and my bb went to klcc.. it was quite late.. think about 4.30pm.. the nearest place to grab a bite was klcc.. we headed to Chinoz for our lunch.. i managed to take some pictures with my lousy 1.3MP camera phone :-

Chinoz on the park @ KLCC

Complimentary bre
ad and butter

My bb's cappuccino..

My 'Sweet Kisses' (strawberry and vanilla syrup AND soda)

This is my bb's chicken, leek and mushroom pie *yummy*

And my fettuccine marinara

Overall, there's nothing much to shout about.. since they renovated the restaurant, they changed their menu a lil.. there's not much food on the menu BUT they do have a long list of drinks for you to choose from.. if you were to ask me if i'd go there again, well.... maybe much much later in the future :p


ckwei said...

if i remember clearly, u've once posted some same pasta that u've cooked. those look so much more appetizing than this one in chinoz :P

:: Nicole.F :: said...

lol.. thanks for the compliment.. so it means i can open my own restaurant?? hehe

Anonymous said...

I agree with ckwei.

I always passed by chinoz, but never got around to eating there. The pictures don't look convincing enough for a visit ...

anyways, blog updates have been slow. been really busy ? was there a blog gathering too ? ^_^

:: Nicole.F :: said...

there's no bloggers gathering :( can't seems to fix a date and time for it *sigh*

Horny Ang Moh said...

Dropping by wish u & russ nice day. So hows is the doggy??