Thursday, March 20, 2008


"Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeee...

Happy Birthday to me"

Two days ago, it was my 27th birthday.. damn.. i feel old =.=

This year i celebrated my birthday :) last year my bb was not around BUT this year, he's with me :D
on my birthday eve, we went to watch 10,000 BC at cathay.. then i asked my bb for cupcakes as my birthday cake :P so we went to this newly opened place, cupcake chic at the curve where they sell... CUPCAKES! :-

Before the movie, we went to Italiannies for pasta :-

The next day, i woke my bb up at 12.30pm.. hehehe.. it was my birthday.. so i asked for dim sum.. but by the time we got ready and all (had coffee, played with boboie and read newspaper), it was 2pm ish to 3pm.. we went to Chuai Heng, Bkt Bintang :-

And this is what we ordered :-

After the dim sum, we went to KLCC.. why did we go to KLCC? to shop? to buy my birthday present? well, read on :)

So... after KLCC, we went home.. to pack my bikini, shampoo, shower liquid and etc.. we went to our condo for a swim! :) it has been awhile since i last swam with my bb.. it was FUN.. oh yea, did i mention that my bb taught me to swim? hehehe... sorry guys, no pictures of me in my bikini :P it's for your own good.. coz you might have nightmare IF i did post it up.. muahahahaha...

Anyway, after the swim we headed to centrepoint for our dinner.. i had pasta AGAIN.. yea yea, i'm a pasta lover =.= we had dinner at
pizza uno and this is what we ordered :-

Ice chocolate topped with vanilla ice-cream (his) and ice lemon tea (mine)

Garlic prawn with spaghetti (mine)

Now you see my bb's deep fried half chicken with garlic sauce and fries

And now you DON'T

Later at night back home, me and my bb had our cupcakes which we bought earlier while watching movie in our bedroom.. personally i don't think the cupcakes look pretty.. what do you think? it could be better, right? :-

Back to Basic (vanilla cake with vanilla frosting), Fatal Attraction (choco cake with choco frosting) and i-forgot-the-last-one =.=

As for presents... hmmm... i bet you guys must be curious what did i get on my birthday.. well, i got tons of vouchers from jusco :-

And a RM10 voucher from Padini! :-

Plus a gift voucher from Braun Buffel :) that was the reason why we went to KLCC :P

The mystery birthday gift from Braun Buffel is a :-

Photo album!

If you all must want to know, my bb didn't get me any present.. he did asked me many many times of what i want.. he asked if i want the new ipod touch or a new mobile phone.. well, i'm quite happy with my S500 AND also, i have a 80G ipod video.. why would i need another ipod when i've ONLY used 1G of the 80G :P riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?? i did scout around for some jewellery from agatha BUT i just couldn't find what i want! btw, i DID tell my bb that i'd like an anklet tho >.<

As for my family, they gave me ang pow.. my aunty, uncle and my mum..

Overall, i'm happy on my birthday.. especially when my bb is around :) and this year was my 1st time celebrating my birthday with my bb..

Oh, before i forget.. i've some jusco's vouchers which i'd like to giveaway :-

- Kenny Rogers (buy 2 free 1 on kenny's quarter meal, valid dine-in only, present J card)
- OSIM (RM50 discount on OSIM uPapa)
- Ultimate (free eye treatment + RM50 cash rebate when sign up any single absolutedermie facial treatment / body preception sytem body treatment)
- Cosmo World @ Times Square (20% discount for entrance tickets, up to 4 tickets per day, not valid on public holidays)
- Chicken rice shop (free single combo meal with every purchase of RM35 and above, present J card, valid for dine-in and take away)

And last but NOT least, i'd like to thank ALL of my friends for the birthday wishes.. either on my facebook, on msn OR by texting me :) i love you guys *muacks*

ps: thanks bb for the wonderful day on my birthday *muacks muacks* love ya LOADS


leong soon said...

A belated "Happy Birthday" to you!

ckwei said...

happy belated birthday :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

happy belated birthday! u got facebook also ar? must come n find u..

baggie said...

Happy burfday again... :D sorry didnt make it to jogoya... hubby indeed is sakit liao.... AND AND AND wukakaka.. u see? u sendiri also think 27 is old lehh?? wukakakakaka......

Anonymous said...


Par said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
You ate tons of good stuff!
Glad that you had a wonderful day!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

everyone: thanks for the belated birthday wishes :)

Zey said...

Hey Nicole, happy very-belated birthday. CupCakeChic is my client. ;)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

thanks zey :) btw, they are your client? what kind of client?? :)