Monday, March 31, 2008


YUP! the beast is un-leashed.... TODAY! YAY! me and my bb went to the workshop almost like everyday.. we were eager to take the beast out..

Anyway, at first my bb was supposed to leave today.. BUT then his office called and said that he needs a mexico, FM3 visa as his ship will ge going there.. so today we went to the mexico embassy which is in menara tan & tan.. after that, we went straight to the workshop..

The mechanics were giving the final touch to the beast.. installing the wheels, front lip, side skirt and etc.. here are some pictures which i took :-

My bb helping desmond out by holding the carbon hood while des drilling the holes

My bb looking at his precious car

Putting final touches to the beast :)

By 7pm only the beast is ready for my bb to drive.. now, the beast and the Z are park side by side.. wish i could take a picture now but it's too dark.. BUT i'll promise to post it up once i take it tomorrow! :)

I gotta go now guys.. taking the beast out for a spin =.= yea i know.. not me driving but my bb :P


ps: my bb will be leaving on wednesday :( *sigh* gotta spend some 'quality' time with him before he leaves *wink*