Saturday, March 15, 2008

boboie & rusty?

Have YOU heard of a proverb which says 'a picture is worth a thousand words'?

For this post, i won't be saying much.. let the pictures do ALL the talking :-

Last but NOT least, for this picture i think it's PRICELESS.. why? coz boboie was trying to lick rusty! i guess they're friends now.. hehehe..

ps: can anyone make up some funny stories or dialogues based on the pictures above?? hehehe..


Anonymous said...

haha.. cute-ness.. but i bet the hamster would be feeling it's life is toast facing your dog :D

Anonymous said...

aiyohhh , so cute .. boieboie have new friennnnd :))))

:: Nicole.F :: said...

jackie: surprisingly rusty wasn't scared of boboie.. hahaha.. so er.. i guess MAYBE he felt safe? :P

jp: new friend? nah.. rusty been around for a long time.. just that boboie had never met face to face with him before :P~

baggie said...

ooooooo.. mine would definitely take a bite at my hammies... so no no, they kenot be friends wukakaka..

leong soon said...

Awwww... so cute! I love the last pic best!

xniquet said...

i tot it was boobie's legs of something XD...see carefully it is a hamster. I bet boobie wanna take a bite :D