Wednesday, March 05, 2008


What IS yokomon? yokomon is.... japanese favorite ice-cream! yea yea, it has invaded malaysia now..

Yesterday we (me & my bb) were given 2 yokomon's cash rebate vouchers for rm1.50 (each) when we bought 2 movie tickets (step up 2: the streets) at cathay cineplexes..

Cathay has been our favorite cinema and GSC, 1 Utama will be our 2nd choice :) anyway, i took the voucher and found the yokomon's ice-cream stall not far away from the movie ticket counter..

TA DAH! how can anyone miss this :-

Now, isn't the green lil yokomon's mascot looks cute?? hehehe..

There are 6 flavors available for you to choose BUT i only remember 5 of the flavors (green tea, red beans, black sesame, dark chocolate, strawberry).. i wanted strawberry but it was out of stock :( so i decided NOT to have ice-cream.. my bb ordered his dark chocolate ice-cream tho..

He paid for it (RM6.90-RM1.50 = RM5.40) and the girl prepared his the ice-cream :-

THE ice-cream :-

Oh before we were at cathay, we went to the tire shop to change the 2 back tires of the Z.. my bb snapped a picture of how worn out the tires were :-

I think can do drifting with it :P~ i guess it got more worn out after my bb trashed it at the Kg Gajah track..

ps: i feel like learning to dance after watching step up.. anyone interested??


Calvin's Wife said...

oooooooOooo u allow meh if russ let the girl prepare HIS ice-cream? WUKAKAKAKAKKAKA

Anyways, u wanna learn wat dance ah?

x said...

yoko-yoko i know la ...the one you rub with when you have sore back XD

Hedonistics Anonymous said...

yoko ono i know la... she's the late john lennon's 2nd.. wife XD

oh, and yokohama batteries. hahahaha.

ok.. this is getting lame. what's so special about the icecream anyway? is it like those ultra-light "snow" ice cream that just melts in your mouth?

:: Nicole :: said...

evie: i'd snip his *ahem ahem* off!! hahaha..

x: =.=

hedo: there's no difference of this ice-cream with the other ice-cream.. maybe just that they have weird flavors? hahaha.. it's 1 expensive ice-cream as far as i know >.<