Tuesday, March 11, 2008


This is a 3 day overdue post.. hehehe..

On 8th March as everyone was busy casting their votes for the election, me and my bb went to my ex-colleague, nurul's wedding.. we arrived there at 2pm-ish AND boy, her house is B-I-G with a BIG ass swimming pool.. i didn't know she's rich =.=

Anyway, here are some pictures :-

Nurul looks soooooooooooo preeeeeeety :-

The blessing ceremony :-

I think most of the people who attended the wedding would bless the newlywed couple.. so after the blessings, the couple FINALLY have their meal :-

So, nurul.. have you manage to find my gift? hehehe.. thanks for inviting me and my bb to your wedding.. so nice of you :)


ps: hmmmm.. so should i call you mrs OR puan now?? *ROFL*


Par said...

It does look like a nice wedding!

Anonymous said...

Who says I'm rich?! My house is not that big anyway =.= hahaha.. And my pool is not well maintained! But anyway, really glad to see you and Russ at the ceremony :) And yes, I managed to find your gift, which my hubby and I like very much! So, is lunch still on this Friday? ;) Text me yah!

p/s: It's Puan Nurul from now on HAHAHA

:: Nicole.F :: said...

puan nurul: at least your house is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay BIGGER than mine!! :P~

Tiffany L said...

uhm... i've only been to two malay weddings so far, but arh... you know the waiting process between the ceremony and the meal part... is really, really, reallyyyyyyyyyy long.

is it suppose to be like that?

Unknown said...

how come u didn't go to vote?

:: Nicole.F :: said...

hedo: i do not know about that.. probably u should ask your malay friends? :)

alan: how do u know that i didn't vote? i could have voted before OR after the wedding =.= AND pls, i do not talk about politics on my blog OR even in real life coz politics could lead to controversials.. we ALL have different opinions on the politics..

anyway, my point is.. politics is a VERY sensitive issue to discuss.. thanks :)