Sunday, March 16, 2008


Last night my bb suggested that we go to Zouk.. well, it has been awhile since the last time we went clubbing alone together.. we drove to Zouk at about 11.30pm and arrived there within minutes.. ladies were free last night.. no cover charge.. just that guys have to pay RM35 for cover charge (including a drink)..

Anyway, me and my bb always prefer chivas + coke.. so we had like 4 drinks each.. we found a table which was right in front of the stage.. there it was a Bengali dancing by himself.. he was shaking his tush and throwing his hands up in the air.. for like er... a couple of hours.. obviously he was enjoying himself :)

By about 12am, my bb asked me if i wanted to go home OR to somewhere else.. i told him it's still early and i'd like to stick at Zouk for a lil more.. i guess it was a BAD decision..

By 1.30am, the music stopped.. we all thought that the DJ was playing a trick with us.. my bb had a BAD feeling.. he felt that something was NOT right.. true enough.. it was a POLICE RAID!!

I remember i told my friend that i've NEVER been in a police raid before AND i'd like to experience it for once.. last night my wish came true =.=

The police came and asked us, girls and guys stand separately.. they collected all of our ICs (Identification Card) and then they called out our names 1 by 1 for us to take a small plastic bottle.. we were asked to pee in it.. the women officers were in the toilet with us.. we were not allowed to close the cubicle door *sigh* i was lucky enough that i went to a cubicle which the door was half closed..

After pee-ing, we placed the sample bottle on top of our ICs.. a male officer was checking it.. he called my name and asked me to take the bottle and my IC and leave.. before walking out from the club, i saw my bb walking to the toilet with the rest of the guys.. i waited for my bb at the entrance of Zouk.. a minute later he walked out.. i was SO happy..

Actually we got nothing to worry about coz we didn't take any illegal substances.. my bb told me that a guy was pretty wasted back in the club.. he couldn't even stand and pee.. also a girl back there couldn't leave coz the indication on her sample bottle hasn't come up yet..

Overall, the whole process wasn't THAT scary.. my friend told me last time that if there's a raid, we would ALL brought into the police station.. BUT if you're underage OR taking drugs in a club, THEN the police raid would be REALLY scary..

My bb managed to take a picture of the raid AND i stole it from him while he was in the shower.. hehehe..

The police had ruined our night out *eyes rolling* thanks alot y'all =.=


mr jp said...

haha , be careful what you ask for !

khim said...

stumbled on ur blog and can't believe ur bf actually took tis pic with me and my gf in it. LOL!

D ya know anyone get caught?

:: Nicole :: said...

jp: yea.. i'd remember to mouth shut AND also what i ask for.. hahaha..

khim: oh wow.. what a small world.. i guess we were ALL unlucky last night =.= i'm not too sure if anyone get caught or not.. btw, thanks for dropping by to my blog :)

- tony - said...

they once makes us squad like some beggars at the police station. damn humiliated. glad you guys are fine.

got time to do music tags?

see ya around...

Calvin's Wife said...

erk.... and i thought russ sudah balik chehhhhh..... rupa-rupanyer pigi clubbing (=_=)" .... anyways, me no experience before and would not want to experience it either wukakakaka...

Hedonistics Anonymous said...

oh man. i've only been through an IC check but that's about it.

but i think the police would be extremely disappointed if they put me down as a suspect, because i don't even drink alcohol. the only thing they'll prolly find in my pee is nicotine traces LOL.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wow..what luck..really havent seen anything like that..but like u say la..better touch wood!