Sunday, April 27, 2008

1st attempt?

*boboie's update*

boboie is doing fine now.. he can run, sleep and walk.. yesterday i took some pics of him and his scar :-

Ouch! hope the scar will heal soon.. poor boboie..

Yesterday my grandma, uncle, aunty and cousin came over to see boboie.. he was so happy seeing them.. running here and there.. my aunty brought over some stuff which she bought while in Bangkok last week.. oh yea, did i tell you that she's thai?? yea, my family all married non-chinese except my mum :P

These are the stuff she got for us (me and my mum) :-

My fav tom yam instant noodle which it's not sold here in Malaysia :-

And some dumpling which you eat it with either kaya (a local jam made from eggs, sugar and coconut milk) or sugar :-

It was my 1st attempt yesterday to fry a fish! it turned out.. not a pretty sight :(

One side of the fish was burnt! :( i am NOT gonna show the burnt side *duh*

Then i fried the other half can of luncheon meat :-

And made an omelette :-

This was me and my mum's dinner last night :-

As for tonight's dinner, hmmmm.. i'd have my fav tom yam instant noodle! :) stay tune for more of my attempts to cook :P


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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:: Nicole.F :: said...

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Russ said...

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Arcurad said...

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WoayChee said...

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Unknown said...

wooo...anyways... enough of that non sense comment from anon.

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:: Nicole.F :: said...

lawrence: u should've say hi to me! :P

adrian: yes.. the russ (my hubby) we're talking about is the same russ from zth who happens to own the R34 :)