Thursday, April 24, 2008

~ boboie ~

I still remember the day when we (me and my bb) brought boboie home.. he was such a cute adorable puppy :-

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It has been almost a year since boboie started to roam around my mum's house.. did you watched the video at my bb's blog? hehehe.. he was sooooooooooo insanely cute trying to walk and run..

The time of this post is being publish is the time boboie is going under the knife.. why surgery? coz his testicals didn't come out.. the vet suggested to go for operation.. if not, it'd be cancerous.. i'd do anything to make boboie healthy and to live longer..

Boboie is officially 1 year and 1 month old.. here are some pictures of him before he got his fur all shaved :-

Boboie loves to sleep by the door when i go online in my room :-

This is boboie now :-

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I know it's a small minor operation and i can't help but feeling sad and worried.. i hope boboie won't suffer too much after the operation.. am gonna miss him coz he has to stay in the hospital overnight..



Me and my mum reached the clinic before 9am.. boboie was taken inside to see the doctor and he got sprayed with the anti-ticks thingy.. he didn't like the smell.. while he was getting sprayed, i took some pictures of the poor lil sick doggies and cats in their cages :-

Think boboie sensed something was wrong.. he looked at me and my mum with his pitiful eyes :-

He was schedule for 11am operation but the vet decided to do it earlier.. so by 9.30am, they took boboie into the surgery room.. me and my mum went to have breakfast and as we finished eating, the vet called and say the operation is a success :) we went back to the clinic immediately..

Boboie was already awake by the time we arrived.. he looked so blur.. i guess it's the effect from the anesthetic..

Boboie was making noise when he saw us.. i think he was telling us that he's in pain.. poor boboie.. gonna take him back home later tonight.. will update again soon


Russ said...

I hope Boboie starts feeling better soon... Thanks for looking after Boboie bebee... :x

Anonymous said...

oh my he ok? i miss him..sorry for not being able to catch up more lately..will do soon. send my regards to mum n boboie pls????

take care..c ya soon !