Tuesday, April 22, 2008


YES! the policemen in Malaysia are DAMN un-ethical.. previously i've seen most of the policemen driving WITHOUT their seatbelt.. why without seatbelt? so that they can get out from the car and chase robbers faster?? *eyes rolling*

Today while i was driving towards NPE from KL Sentral, i saw with my OWN eyes that a policeman was driving while talking on his MOBILE PHONE!! WTF, riiiiiiiiiight???!! i soooooooooooooooooooo wanted to take a picture of that BUT if i do, it means i'm not obeying traffic rules (using phone while driving)..

So, i took down his car number..

ATTN : -

Car : Proton waja
Number plate : WMY 2996
Place : Bangsar Baru
Date : 22nd April 2008
Time : 3.15pm

To hell with equipping CCTV on the police cars, increasing their salary, providing them guns and etc IF this is what we get.. policemen should be the people's good example on the road.. they have the power to catch traffic offenders BUT they themselves are breaking the rules!

"Malaysia TAK Boleh"

ps: anyone can tell me where i can make a complain? *sigh* maybe it's just useless..


DewA LavaU said...

our malaysian police officer so lansi one hehehehe :)

Anonymous said...

by right, policeman should have no right to catch any traffic offenders i think...or else what the purpose to have the traffic police? anyway this is malaysia, all citizen can be multi-tasking, great!