Monday, April 14, 2008

2 tiring days?

On last friday, i spent my ALMOST entire day at sunway.. not shopping at sunway pyramid :P i was at sunway industrial area instead..

First, i went to N1 racing to buy the F-Con navigator for my bb's car.. then i went over to desmond's shop to change the Z's brake pads.. see how they change the pads :-

Ta dah! i'm using the VN-9500 Endless brake pads now :)

After changing the pads, i took the Z to do the alignment.. this was how they did it :-

The car feels so much better after changing the brake pads and doing the alignment.. coz before changing, the Z brake pads left about 1mm and it started to make noise..

Finally, i sent the Z for a wash :)

Later at night, i attended the skyline gathering and i followed the guys to putrajaya.. it was a good drive BUT too bad, i hit the speed limit :P i wanted to take some pictures.. just too bad my phone battery went flat! grrrrrr... do not fret, as remus did take some pictures tho! >.<

I ended up heading home at about 12.30am =.=

As for yesterday, i spent the whole day shopping! well, my aunty's b'day is coming soon so i went to midvalley together with her, my uncle and my grandma after both my aunty and uncle attended the sunday mass..

Ended buying this at midvalley :-

What do you think? nice? well, i'm so happy that i finally found 'The Last Supper'.. my bb wanted to buy it last time.. somehow we ended up not buying it.. and by the time when we went back to the shop at 1U the next time to buy it, it was out of stock! and now i got it :) hmmmm... i wonder where should we put it.. let's hang it on the wall in our dining room, bb!! :D

The next thing which i bought was this :-

A set of king quilt cover + king fitted bed sheet + 2 pillow cases + 1 bolster case.. it's 100% cotton with 320 thread count.. the higher the thread count means the softer and smoother the cloth :) errrr... i hope my bb will like the color which i chose..

And before dinner, i went grocery shopping at jusco.. yea, am gonna
learn to cook.. so you better stay tune to see what i'd cook! :P


The Mrs Blogs said...

You're learning how to cook too? Same here! Married thing I guess, no choice, lol. Maybe you can check out my blog for some simple recipes. Always good to start small. In about 10-20 years or so we'll be awesome cooks!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

1mm in brake?? what in the world did u do on it?

Jason Ong said...

Hi Nic, u have a nice Last Supper Pic. Mind telling me where u got it? I've hunting one for my home for almost a year now. You can reach me at

:: Nicole.F :: said...

the mrs blogs: thanks for dropping by :) and also thanks for the tips!

joe: oh well, russ took the z for track day.. only 1 day and he almost finishes the brake =.=

jason ong: if u're reading this, thanks for the compliment.. just to let u know, i got the last supper 3D engraving at midvalley.. from a small stall which is just a few metres away from the vincci and crocs shop.. there's only 2 left.. 1 smaller one and 1 same size as mine but without the room background :)

:: about me :: said...


Eu Jin said...

Nic, your car was fast en route to putrajaya!!! :P

:: Nicole.F :: said...

ej: fast? nah.. shhhhhhhhhhhh.... not so loud

*looking left and right for russ*

me not going fast compare to u guys :P~

Eu Jin said...

Muahahahaha...... :P

Russ said...

Bebee, u going fast???? :(

But thanks for buying the F con navigator for me.. :)