Wednesday, April 30, 2008


No, this time i didn't fry the luncheon meat and egg :P hahaha.. i can cook something else, okay?

Fried prawns with soy sauce :-

Defrost some prawns

Heat up some oil in the pan

Put the prawns in the pan to fry it til golden brown

While waiting for it to get golden brown, pour some soy sauce and add some sugar in it

Pour the sauce into the pan and ta-dah!

Stir-fry cabbage with oyster sauce

Chop some garlic

Stir fry the garlic til its golden brown and when you can smell the aroma

Pour the washed cabbage into the pan and stir fry it til it's soft

Add some salt and oyster sauce

Stir-fry the cabbage for awhile more and VOILA!

Okay okay.. i know what you think.. it looks kinda black.. well, i've to admit that i added a lil too much oyster sauce :P hey, gimme a break.. it's my first time frying this.. bb, don't worry.. you don't have to eat this as you do not eat cooked vegetables.. so i'd make salad for you, k? :)

So this was my dinner :-

Next time i'd try to make soup! :) stay tune


Kay said...

I would say looks pretty good... you got seafood and vege and rice...hehe

Leo said...

I miss home cooked food...

Russ said...

Why u never cook for me?? :'(

:: Nicole :: said...

kay: is it a well balanced meal?? haha..

leo: u'd be coming back to kl soon.. so u can eat all u want at home :)

bb: i've to experiment with it before i let u eat it >.< coz later u'd say not nice :P

DewA LavaU said...

yummy :) the prawn makes me hungry :P