Thursday, April 10, 2008

Louis Vuitton?

I must admit that i WAS NOT a LV fan BUT it all changed when i visited their official website here..

Although i still think that it's not worth it to buy their bags (well thanks to piracy), coz even if i'm holding a real authentic bag some people would think that it's a fake.. i hate it when things get too commercialize..

After taking some time browsing the LV site, i found a few things which i absolutely adore :-

The Tambour timepieces collection

Tambour Bijou Petale

Tambour Bijou Blanche, Rouge and Noire

Chain Attraction bracelet (white gold and diamonds)

Monogram Charm bracelet (white gold)

Giboulees umbrella

LV Arc En Ciel umbrella (fliters 93% of UV rays)

AND not forgetting something for boboie :-

Boboie will look super duper handsome with that stylish Baxter dog collar.. i wonder how much the collar cost.. hmmmmm....

Oh well, i guess i won't be owning any of the LV things.. just too expensive for me to buy.. time for me to hit the bed and start dreaming :)

Goodnight everyone!!


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

u can find the prices in their UK website i think..

hahah yeah lor..i hate it when ppl ask if its real or fake..

:: Nicole.F :: said...

joe: so u mean u have a LV bag?? :P

Arcurad said...

Wah u got some expensive taste there ^_^

:: Nicole.F :: said...

tony: i found out the prices of all the items above and it's FREAKING expensive!! =.= i could just admire it from far.. not owning it :P

Anonymous said...

People who goes for designer watches such as LV, Cartier and what not .. really shows that they do not know watches at all. You're paying for the brand and not the time piece.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

anon: so what watches should i get? TAG? Seiko?