Friday, April 11, 2008


The latest wave right now is the MDG @ Malaysian Dreamgirl.. hmmm.. i wonder if they'd ever come up with season 2 coz look what happened to Malaysian Idol.. after 2 season, it's over >.<

Since evie was ever so brave to blog about MDG here, i might a well join in the hype! :P

No, i'm NOT gonna blog about each of the girls and criticize them.. i'm NOT that mean.. i just want to blog about my overview about this entire MDG scam show.. uh uh.. will i get sued by them? whatever *eyes rolling* this is my blog and i have my freedom of speech after all!

Now i present to you......

MALAYSIAN DREAMGIRL (yea, keep on dreaming)

Reality TV in Malaysia has now gone online! Introducing Malaysian Dreamgirl – the first reality model search in Malaysia to be fully broadcast over the internet. Follow the lives of 12 girls as they live together, compete in exciting challenges, express their beauty and try win you over to be the first Malaysian Dreamgirl.

Beginning March 2008, watch these girls strut their stuff in a competition that will change one of their lives forever. Catch 2 episodes every week from this very site and vote for your favourite model."

Another sad pathetic show which uses sms voting.. to me sms voting is NEVER fair.. but it's a way for those people to earn money.. i hate contests which requires sms voting.. eg: American Idol, Miss Universe, MDG, Akedemi Fantasia and etc...

Look at the America's Next Top Model.. did they use sms voting? NO.. coz the girls get eliminated IF the judges think that they're not qualified.. oh wait, those judges are qualified to judge BUT not the judges in MDG.. so i guess yea, the MDG need sms voting..

I remember watching American Idol and there were a few contestants which the judges thought would make the cut BUT hell no, they were voted off! so now, i boycott American Idol =.=

Btw, what's the grand prize for MDG? a car? and a contract? gosh.. the car is quite cheap compare of how many thousands and millions those people are making from the voters through sms *eyes rolling* why do you want to be part of the voters? why waste your money on this?

MDG is really smart for putting in the 3 famous bloggers on their show.. not only it gives them publicity in the cyberspace, they get we, the youngsters to vote through sms so that they can make money.. they're making a scene on the show too.. so you guys would spend more money to sms and vote the 'bitch' off the show! genius *evil grin*

I think the winner of the MDG would just be famous around asia (if they're lucky) if not, they'd just be famous in malaysia only.. think Elite Model, Ford Models and etc would sign them up? hmmmm...

Look at amber chia (click on her profile).. yea she's the winner of International Guess Timeless Beauty in 2004, but hey.. she's ONLY famous in malaysia, taiwan, singapore, thailand n etc (asia).. so what? can't even make it to being an international supermodel..

The only malaysian model which i like is... no other than Ling Tan.. look at her! she made it to being an international model.. working with famous designers.. i envy :P she's not really famous in Malaysia coz some people doesn't even know who she is when i asked them BUT who cares?? i wonder why she's not given the title Datuk like how we gave Jimmy Choo and Michelle Yeoh.. hmmmm....

Anyway, for me.. i think you, me, anyone and everyone could be a model.. you just need the right clothes, right make-up, right photographer AND a fan! oh oh.. you gotta worship adobe photoshop, man >.<

ps: ok, i gotta go now and change my brake pads.. yay! getting endless :) hehehe..


Arcurad said...

*drool* ^_^"

Ps: Russ i already ordered ur naughty book for ya.

jessbabe said...

upsetting isn't it? waste of money and yet full of dramas!

baggie said...

Hua hua hua... baguss... Fiqa is out now... she is so much better than itu Ringo and a few of them, and she's out, cos not much votes on her... how fair...

Russ said...

This is so true Bebee! Malaysian dreamgirl producers are making tons of money, and giving the winner just 10k and a Latio... *yawn*.. I wouldnt even roll out of bed for that.. :P especially not for an UNFAIR judging process!!