Sunday, August 31, 2008

a will?

Writing a will is quite a taboo subject among us, asians.. especially for chinese.. eg: like buying insurance.. coz these 2 things are associated with death.. for me, i think it's quite important to have a will.. as you'd want to protect your own family and descendants.. you'd not want the government to take half of ALL your hard earn assets after you died, right?

Rockwills International Group can NOT only help you write a will, they also provide other services such as will custody, trust services, estate planning and financial planning.. if you are interested and want to know more, you can call angie @ 012-3203250.. the last time i heard from her, she's working with this company..

Anyways, for me i don't see the necessity for a will.. coz i do not have any assets.. my main asset which i have is my hubby.. so instead of a will, i'd leave him a letter.. sometimes life is just too short and unpredictable.. so i'd want him to know what's deep down in my heart if anything (eg: sickness, accident) happens to me before it's too late..

My letter would be in exact words like this :-

To my beloved hubby,

Do you still remember the first time we met? the first time we kissed? the first time you met my family? the day of our registration? the vow that we read? our first trip out of KL? the first time we slept in our own house? i remember all that.. too well.. in fact..

It is a blessing to be married to someone like you.. i'm blessed that i found my soulmate.. someone whom i could talk to, cry with, share happy tears with, grow old with, laugh with, start a family with and etc.. i know that throughout our marriage, there has been ups and downs.. i can safely say that NO marriage has no arguments/disagreements.. in fact by having those, it will only make the marriage stronger..

I just want to tell you that i'm one lucky girl.. i came into this relationship without anything at all and you gave me EVERYTHING.. you gave me hope when i'm down with it.. i lost hope in finding the right man.. you were there to show me that you're different from the rest of the guys.. that i could rely on you.. that you'd take care of me forever til we grow old and die..

I love you for so many reasons.. i love the small lil things that you did.. i love you for marrying me.. i love your smile, your scent, your soft hair, your small thin lips, your sparking eyes when you smile, your voice, your strong muscular arms which never fails to make me feel secure, your laughter, your hugs & kisses, your cooking, your cute lil look when you sleep, your pampering towards me and etc.. by just thinking about it, puts a smile on my face now..

I want to thank you for being such a loving, sweet, responsible, loyal and forgiving husband.. for trying to give me everything which i ever wanted.. for trying to give me the best too.. for working so hard to support this family and provide me the comfort in life.. also for trusting me and believing in me.. thank you for the dream car, a nice comfy home, shopping trips, holiday trips and also giving me boboie so that he can keep me company while you are away working for our future..

I know that i'm imperfect.. i know that i've caused heartaches and i've been such an idiot sometimes.. i still remember when i asked you to promise me not to die before me.. i know that it's a selfish request plus you can't predict the future.. it's just that i'm too scared to live alone in this world without you.. i just can't imagine myself doing that..

Last but not least, i love you russell westwood.. i love you so much.. so, can you promise me one thing? can we be husband and wife again in our next life? coz i know that no one will be perfect for me except you..

your beloved wife

ps: i love you

There, i feel so much better now after writing that letter declaration of my love for my hubby.. i don't want him only to know how much i love and appreciate him, instead i want everyone/the world to know how much i love him and means to me :)

ps: don't worry, i'm doing okay here

Saturday, August 30, 2008


OMG! OMG! OMG! *catching my breath*

THIS will be my ALL time FAVORITE movie EVER! it's related to all this movie listed below :-

The Fast & The Furious

2 Fast 2 Furious

The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift

Yeap yeap! this movie is a sequel of the famous movies which i've mentioned.. and that's NOT the best part.. the BEST part is Vin Diesel is back!!!! wohoooooooooooo!! YES! he is just so smoking hawt!

Anyways, enjoy the movie trailer :-

The Fast & The Furious is ALL about the cars.. so let's take a look at those beauties.. shall we?

Japanese, Continentals and American muscle cars *drool* and what about the bayside blue r34? and the white r35? and the supra? and the 350z? and the chevy? and the subaru? and the porsche? adn the mustang? can you spot 'em? :P *drool & faint*

ps: i can't wait til the next summer and also the blu-ray version ^_^

Thursday, August 28, 2008

who is this?

Since i wrote a post of all my friends recently, i'd like to show you the recent pic of my BEST friend.. he's none other than boboie! :)

Let's take a sec to reminisce the old boboie :-

Look at him! isn't he cute and adorable.. he looked like he was smiling, right? but for the past 1 week, he has become depressed :( no matter how me and my mum played with him, he never flash his BIG smile again *sigh* why? see the pictures below and you'd know why..

Saw how sad and depressed he look?? he's BALD now.. no fur.. no no, i didn't shaved all his fur on purpose.. you think i'm crazy to do that?? it's just that he has skin irritation now.. he has rashes around his neck, on his paw, body and on his face.. i took him to the vet twice a week for his medicated shower for a month AND still the rashes haven't heal completely.. so the vet suggested to us to shave all his fur off..

At first before shaving his fur, we thought the rashes were on the body and face only but after shaving everything off, we spotted the redness on his neck :( so every day this is his routine :-

In the morning, i'd feed boboie half orange tablet of the antibiotic, then apply the green color bottle of cream on his rashes, then later in the day apply the small tube of eye cream on his eyes and clean his ears with the blue color bottle of ear drops.. after dinner, i'd feed him another half orange tablet of the antibiotic and then the blue & purple capsule for the rashes..

Now the rashes are getting better but still boboie likes to scratch it.. hence i'd always scold him and slap his mouth *sigh* since i brought him home with me, he always would want to sit on my lap when i'm on my comp and he wants to sit/sleep next to me on the sofa while i watch tv.. i can feel that he's depressed so i always rub his tummy, scratch his back, rub his neck and etc so show him that i still love him even he has got no fur..

Boboie is actually a very good dog.. he doesn't bark.. only when someone press the doorbell.. he'd keep quiet in the bag whenever i smuggled him in and out passing the security guards and my neighbours..

My neighbours know that i have a dog but they just close one eye as my boboie seldom make any noise.. plus they like boboie too even tho one of them is muslim.. hmmmm.. boboie is very likeable, don't you ALL agree?? :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

long lasting friendships?

It has been 9 years since i graduated from high school.. i was from an all girls school, PESS/SMKPP.. of course there were lots of issues back then.. i was practically an outcast.. i was NOT smart enough to be at the top class.. hence i lost some of my friends when we were in Form 4.. and some group won't even include me coz i'm not pretty enough..

So basically, i was an ugly duckling.. someone who can't even hang out with friends too after school coz my mum was pretty darn strict with me.. she made it a point of me not having GUYS friends while in school.. studies come first..

Back then, every/most girl friends has either a bf or bfs or crushes.. while me *sigh* no guys would even want to talk to me! =.= anyway, it's the past and i do not regret it.. things turns out pretty good for me now :) altho i do not keep in touch with most of my high school friends, but still i have them on my facebook! lol..

Okay okay.. i must admit that i don't look good enough to get guys interested in me :P~

Alice, i'm so happy that we kept back in touch after all these years.. plus we're both mature now to not let a silly argument get into our friendship..

Ivy, you were the first one who got married.. we lost contact for a few years until recently.. thanks for buying me the krispy kreme all the way from UK.. hehehe.. and your daughter is soooooooooo cute :)

Adrienne teh, we've been friends since the past 20 years? gosh.. since we were in primary school.. yea yea.. i still remembers that your dad brought us F&N drinks when we had parties :P hehehe.. coz i always looked forward to it..

Yoke kiat, thanks for standing by me when we were in primary school.. remember how you tried to explain to my mum about my exam result? i was practically crying when i got to know i got 7th place in the class coz my mum expected me to be in the top 5.. well, thanks for that :)

Mei leng, my tuition buddy.. what can i say? we were pretty much the same.. hahaha.. 1 thing for sure, no guys were interested to know us! lol!! hmmmm... maybe we were too geeky?? :P thanks for still being my friend and also meeting up with us when we were in Singapore :)

Natalie quek, we were always the good buddies back in school.. you have your own style and attitude.. you were special.. we both clicked well.. i just do not know why people misunderstood you back then.. but now, you're a mother.. boy, time flies and you're expecting AGAIN :) i'm really happy for you

After high school (1998), everyone went separate ways.. my mum entered me into LimKokWing University of Creative Technology (LUCT) which is formerly known as LimKokWing Insitute of Creative Technology (LICT).. there for the first time ever, i talked to guys and became their friend.. i was there for 2 ½ years and i made some great friends whom i still keep in touch with :)

My bff, nikie lee.. yea girl, we've been friends for the past 9 years! people thought that we were sisters coz we always hanged out together, eat together, skipped class together, played pool together and our name is kinda similiar.. hahaha.. nikie & nicole.. but i don't think we look like sisters tho! some people misunderstood you and thinks that you're a biatch and a snob.. basically someone who has an attitude problem.. hahaha.. but to me, you are who you are.. that's what makes you special! ;)

Kurt, the guy who always hitched a ride home from me.. hahaha.. it was great hanging out with you.. you talked i listened.. LOL! and you always have stories to tell :) oh, i'd like to say congrats to you once again for getting hitched ;)

Elaine, i've known you since foundation.. you were sitting next to me :) and we became friends fast.. i remember the late dinner at williams and the times when we hanged out.. also the trip we had at genting..

Just when i started to work after college, i met more new friends.. a few of them whom i still keep in touch with every now and then :)

Valarie, altho we doesn't meet up too often or chat on the phone but i did not forget about you :P i do appreciate it when we do meet up ;)

Ben, thanks for being there listening to my crap after my last break up

May, should i still be keeping that secret of how we met? ;) hahahaha...

In ablemen, the last place where i last worked.. i met a couple more nice people :D

Anja, what can i say about you? hmmmm... maybe that you're one loud-crazy-open-minded-kick-ass-do-not-care-a-shit-biatch chicka

Nurul, the one who likes to eat at aunty nat.. hahaha.. i had a great time at bali with you.. cut down on your ciggie :P

And since i started this blog 2 years ago, i've found some new blogger friends and we clicked instantly..

Serena, i appreciate our friendship.. thanks for calling me once awhile just to chat and for making an effort to meet up with me even when you have tons of things to do on your list.. hope we could plan a road trip one day.. i had fun going to penang and singapore with you :)

Jason, thanks for the krispy kreme you got for me from aussie (altho i didn't have it :P) plus i hope you'd find 'the one' soon :)

Calv, you're always the joker =.= always light up a dull conversation.. LOL!

Evie, thanks for standing by me on my blog.. think only you can understand what i'm going through coz your life is pretty much the same as mine :P we make good shopping buddies.. hehehe..

Last but not least, i found my lifetime companion/soulmate 2 years ago.. he's none other than my hubby :)

And my soulmate gave me a BEST friend who would be there for me for the next 15 years? :)

See, i do not have many friends.. less than 20.. i don't usually meet up with them often as they are busy with work, life and bf/gf/hubby.. so what i do is just contacting by sms/msn once awhile..

Anyways, i'm blessed that they are really genuine and sincere towards our friendship and not being jealous/envy/judgemental/backstabbing :)

Thanks guys & girls :D

Thursday, August 21, 2008

what is this?

Why is this happening at one of the most upscale shopping mall??

Why people are allow to just sit ON the stairs?? why people are allow to stand in a BIG group to chit chat and to camwhore?? why? why? why? look closer of the pics.. see the way those people were sitting! legs stretching out like they were at their home =.= plus they were doing nothing except chatting with family members or friends.. that is a VERY ugly / FUGLY @ fucking ugly sight..

Fyi, i took the pics above while i was shopping in Pavilion with my grandma and aunty.. to me, pavilion is like Takashimaya in Singapore.. it's a home to some of the world's most luxurious fashion brands.. it's supposed to be high class.. it's a shopping mall where many foreigners come to shop.. this is NOT a market place or a park!

Come on, you don't get to see this scenario at Starhill or at 1Utama.. those people are sitting on THE STAIRS IN THE MALL!! *eyes rolling*

Anyways, i finally found the heels which i've been searching for :) plus it was on sale! i'm soooooooooooooo happy!! :D

Can't wait to wear it >.<

Monday, August 18, 2008


After 4 hours of driving, finally my toothbrush got to reunited with....

my bb's toothbrush!!! :D

I drove to Singapore alone.. just to spend 8 days with my bb.. yea i know.. insane right? that's what love does.. making people do crazy things..

Since my bb is still in Singapore and his ship haven't sail to vietnam AND since i miss him so much, why not just meet him there? i stayed at a cheaper hotel.. which is like 20mins drive away from Orchard Rd and also the jetty..

This is where i stayed, Hotel Windsor :-

My bb drove to work everyday and comes back to the hotel after his shift at about 6pm-ish.. he had to wake up by 5.30am and drive to work by 6am just to get himself back to the ship, have breakfast and attend the 7am meeting.. so every morning, i've to wake him up when the alarm went off.. it's kinda heart breaking to see him dragging himself out from the bed when he was still tired and sleepy *sigh*

Anyways i finally got a chance to meet up with eugene :) met up with him at takashimaya and had lunch together..

Oh oh.. i've a place to recommend for good food.. it's none other than Botak Jones! russ's friend, justin recommended it to us.. no doubt, the food is fantastic! their tag line is "Damn Good Food at A Damn Good Price" which is SO true!!

My bb took me to the Toa Payoh's outlet..

Our dinner cost SGD17 ONLY.. it's cheap right? now, check out our food :-

My cajun chicken

My bb's Botak Jones burger

Spicy fries

On our anniversary, we went to Hip Diner USA where the cathay cinema is located :-

My bb's mushroom soup and lamb shank :-

My spicy chicken and chicken with cheese sausage :-

After spending about 8 days in Singapore with my bb, it was time for me to come back home :( so before heading home, i went to the jetty to see my bb.. to hug and kiss him AND to say goodbye :'(

I didn't cry when i said goodbye this time.. maybe because we spent some quality time together.. am missing him so much now *sigh*