Saturday, August 23, 2008

long lasting friendships?

It has been 9 years since i graduated from high school.. i was from an all girls school, PESS/SMKPP.. of course there were lots of issues back then.. i was practically an outcast.. i was NOT smart enough to be at the top class.. hence i lost some of my friends when we were in Form 4.. and some group won't even include me coz i'm not pretty enough..

So basically, i was an ugly duckling.. someone who can't even hang out with friends too after school coz my mum was pretty darn strict with me.. she made it a point of me not having GUYS friends while in school.. studies come first..

Back then, every/most girl friends has either a bf or bfs or crushes.. while me *sigh* no guys would even want to talk to me! =.= anyway, it's the past and i do not regret it.. things turns out pretty good for me now :) altho i do not keep in touch with most of my high school friends, but still i have them on my facebook! lol..

Okay okay.. i must admit that i don't look good enough to get guys interested in me :P~

Alice, i'm so happy that we kept back in touch after all these years.. plus we're both mature now to not let a silly argument get into our friendship..

Ivy, you were the first one who got married.. we lost contact for a few years until recently.. thanks for buying me the krispy kreme all the way from UK.. hehehe.. and your daughter is soooooooooo cute :)

Adrienne teh, we've been friends since the past 20 years? gosh.. since we were in primary school.. yea yea.. i still remembers that your dad brought us F&N drinks when we had parties :P hehehe.. coz i always looked forward to it..

Yoke kiat, thanks for standing by me when we were in primary school.. remember how you tried to explain to my mum about my exam result? i was practically crying when i got to know i got 7th place in the class coz my mum expected me to be in the top 5.. well, thanks for that :)

Mei leng, my tuition buddy.. what can i say? we were pretty much the same.. hahaha.. 1 thing for sure, no guys were interested to know us! lol!! hmmmm... maybe we were too geeky?? :P thanks for still being my friend and also meeting up with us when we were in Singapore :)

Natalie quek, we were always the good buddies back in school.. you have your own style and attitude.. you were special.. we both clicked well.. i just do not know why people misunderstood you back then.. but now, you're a mother.. boy, time flies and you're expecting AGAIN :) i'm really happy for you

After high school (1998), everyone went separate ways.. my mum entered me into LimKokWing University of Creative Technology (LUCT) which is formerly known as LimKokWing Insitute of Creative Technology (LICT).. there for the first time ever, i talked to guys and became their friend.. i was there for 2 ½ years and i made some great friends whom i still keep in touch with :)

My bff, nikie lee.. yea girl, we've been friends for the past 9 years! people thought that we were sisters coz we always hanged out together, eat together, skipped class together, played pool together and our name is kinda similiar.. hahaha.. nikie & nicole.. but i don't think we look like sisters tho! some people misunderstood you and thinks that you're a biatch and a snob.. basically someone who has an attitude problem.. hahaha.. but to me, you are who you are.. that's what makes you special! ;)

Kurt, the guy who always hitched a ride home from me.. hahaha.. it was great hanging out with you.. you talked i listened.. LOL! and you always have stories to tell :) oh, i'd like to say congrats to you once again for getting hitched ;)

Elaine, i've known you since foundation.. you were sitting next to me :) and we became friends fast.. i remember the late dinner at williams and the times when we hanged out.. also the trip we had at genting..

Just when i started to work after college, i met more new friends.. a few of them whom i still keep in touch with every now and then :)

Valarie, altho we doesn't meet up too often or chat on the phone but i did not forget about you :P i do appreciate it when we do meet up ;)

Ben, thanks for being there listening to my crap after my last break up

May, should i still be keeping that secret of how we met? ;) hahahaha...

In ablemen, the last place where i last worked.. i met a couple more nice people :D

Anja, what can i say about you? hmmmm... maybe that you're one loud-crazy-open-minded-kick-ass-do-not-care-a-shit-biatch chicka

Nurul, the one who likes to eat at aunty nat.. hahaha.. i had a great time at bali with you.. cut down on your ciggie :P

And since i started this blog 2 years ago, i've found some new blogger friends and we clicked instantly..

Serena, i appreciate our friendship.. thanks for calling me once awhile just to chat and for making an effort to meet up with me even when you have tons of things to do on your list.. hope we could plan a road trip one day.. i had fun going to penang and singapore with you :)

Jason, thanks for the krispy kreme you got for me from aussie (altho i didn't have it :P) plus i hope you'd find 'the one' soon :)

Calv, you're always the joker =.= always light up a dull conversation.. LOL!

Evie, thanks for standing by me on my blog.. think only you can understand what i'm going through coz your life is pretty much the same as mine :P we make good shopping buddies.. hehehe..

Last but not least, i found my lifetime companion/soulmate 2 years ago.. he's none other than my hubby :)

And my soulmate gave me a BEST friend who would be there for me for the next 15 years? :)

See, i do not have many friends.. less than 20.. i don't usually meet up with them often as they are busy with work, life and bf/gf/hubby.. so what i do is just contacting by sms/msn once awhile..

Anyways, i'm blessed that they are really genuine and sincere towards our friendship and not being jealous/envy/judgemental/backstabbing :)

Thanks guys & girls :D


菠蘿包公主 - Piggy said...

WoW Babe... i feel so touched by being mentioned on yr blog.. can feel tears in my eyes.. kekekeke... now tat's a bit kua cheong.. but really touched..

THANKS for being my friend too!

n btw... wah.. tat primary school pic... hahahahah.... made me wanna go search for more pics of us when we were younger.. :P

Unknown said...

aiseh i get featured on ur blog also.. *paiseh* LOL.. anyways, it was really nice knowing you.. ure a nice girl... abit the shy and quiet but it ure a fun person also... :P Dont understand why people just like to under judge you...

And yes... shopping... *sigh* sure broke when I go out with you wan... wukakakaka... but it was fun, since when shopping till you drop isnt fun for girls... :P btw I wanna go cut hair soon, you think what style suits my round face ar? my hair like a big bush dee... ZzzZz

Calv said...

awww sooo touching.... hmmm the joker huh?? yea i am going to be the next replacement for joker in batman series =.="

Anonymous said... sweet n touching!!! missing u already...can't wait to catch up with u n adrienne d :(. I know it's my bad, how cool if i can be like need to work, then we can go hang out n shop together everyday!


Purple~MushRooM said...

WoW! This is a great post Nicole! It's so touching too, though I don't know you and your friends in person.

WoayChee said...

the world is small, valarie was my high school mate & apiit college mate.kekekeke

:: Nicole.F :: said...

purple~mushroom: i always missed u when u were here :( sigh.. remember next tiem ya? :P

woaychee: u know val too?? hahaha.. what a small world ya :)

WoayChee said...

u can ask her, we both studied in chong hwa high school, but we are not close friend, i think she still in japan right?

:: Nicole.F :: said...

woaychee: she's back in kl already.. for almost a year or something =.=

Horny Ang Moh said...

I think u & russ is the perfect couple! He! He! I love to get into 350Z but me very shy lah! BTW what happen to lovergoddress aka Sherena?? Her site long time no entry!
Have a very nice day!

Anonymous said...

wahahah , you look like a nerd in school !

cool that you mentioned me , I'm kinda touched :P

Although next time I really should bring back some krispy kreme for reals ! haha ...

:: Nicole.F :: said...

horny ang moh: serena gave up on blogging.. she's into FB now.. hahaha..

mr. jp: yea yea.. i know.. i looked like a nerd =.= that's why no guys would want to know me! :P

anyways, i'd be looking forward for those mouth watering krispy kreme from u!

lovegoddess said...

heaps of loves and thanks babes ..
i'm glad i found you too

tightest of hugs & kisses ^_^