Thursday, April 30, 2009

fried rice?

This is my 1st time making fried rice.. well, it's actually my 2nd time IF you count the time when i was in school.. had to do it for the living skills project =.=

I prepared most of the ingredients earlier on :)

The rice was from yesterday as people said it's better to use overnight rice for fried rice.. and also i've cleaned and cut the prawns and squids yesterday.. so today, i just had to dice the french beans, chinese sausage, garlic and beat the eggs..

First of all, i fried the garlic in a pan with a lil oil.. then i put the squid, prawns, chinese sausage and the french beans into it.. stir fried it and add more oil.. when it's almost cooked, i poured in the rice.. mixed everything well after putting in the maggie fried rice mix.. finally, make a hole in the middle of the pan and pour the eggs in.. stir it til it's half cooked and then mix everything together..

The end product looked like this :-

It didn't only looked good BUT it taste yummy too! :) i am exteremly proud of myself.. hehe.. i can't wait to cook it for my bb.. he'll sure like my chinese seafood fried rice :D


The Mrs Blogs said...

Looks good Nicole :) Making me hungry now, hehe.

If you like your nasi goreng spicy, try the Adabi mix - sedap nye! And if you're out of mixes, try using fish sauce, light sauce and a pinch of dark soya sauce with the rice - equally yum :))

QQAlice said...

your fried rice indeed look great and can imagine it must be yummm !! I never tried to use squid for fried rice. Normally i use it and prawns to do stir fry spagatti with garlic, chilli and basil.

Mrs Blog yeah there is some mixed sauce / spices for fried rice are nice. I used one which is indonesian fried rice sauce..forgot the name..bombom something like that?

Yeap agree also a touch of soya sauce will be great. But i only use fish sauce when i do the stir fry spagatti.

But hey nic well done again it seems like you can really cook...dont stop your talent. lol!!!

Nat said...

Looks yummylicious! =)

You could also try using indian yellow curry powder as the mix and taste for the fried rice. The 'liew' you can stick to chicken/beef/pork whichever and some assorted vegetables.

It seems all the rage in Bangkok. =P Taste superb too. =P


:: Nicole.F :: said...

cas: my aunt used the adabi mix also.. for the fried bihun.. it's really yummy.. gonna try it out myself one day.. hehe.. and tahnks for the tips! ;)

qqalice: i am so into cooking now.. just want to learn to be a better cook! :)

nat: hmmm... i shall try that one day.. curry powder, eh?

lovegoddess said...

babe.. im drooling la :p can cook this for me when i visit u next day ?

:: Nicole.F :: said...

serena: of course! but when are u free to come stay over? u're always so busy :p