Thursday, April 23, 2009

a few more?

Last time i was really lazy to cook.. coz i was staying with my mum.. when i cooked, my mum would be standing there, teaching me and nagging me =.=

Now when i have a place where i call it home sweet home, it's a whole different story altogether! :) i love my kitchen and i love to cook BUT i don't like to cook when i'm alone.. where's the fun of cooking when i have to eat alone? right?

And i know how most people HATE cleaning up after cooking BUT for me, i love cleaning up.. coz i can't stand the oil stains on the stove and the dirty pots and pans and plates.. everything will be spanking clean after a meal :) i won't sit down and watch tv or do something else until i'm done with cleaning up.. i guess i'm just brought up like this way.. hehe..

To prepare myself to be a good mommy (no i'm not preggie yet), i've to learn to cook.. coz i need to feed our kids! :p

So, this is what i cooked :-

As for the fish sauce, i used A1 pre mix which i got it from jusco.. A1 pre mixes are really good! try it out :)

Anyway, i can't wait to cook again.. wanna make soup, fried rice, steam fish, barley and etc.. but first of all, i need to do some grocery shopping :p

ps: bb, i know you're drooling.. i will cook for you when you're back home.. hehe..


QQAlice said...

yummmmm...the fish sauce is spicy one or sweetnsour? I normally do my own fish sauce from scratch coz in sydney here cant really find those sauce. They do have like assam sauce but not sweet and sour that my son also can eat.

When you cook fried rice try to have some fine chopped ginger also when u fry the garlic tastes much better. The smell of the ginger and garlic together is fantastic.

Jason Ong said...

I guess it's simplier to cook these days compare to old times where most of the seasoning and ingredients are prepare in advance and ready from the shelves. It's make cooking for fun & easy.

The Mrs Blogs said...

Hehe just like my mom - she used to nag and kacau me when I cook in front of her. I prefer to cook at our place coz I get to experiment on my own. I just get the recipes from her, take it home and do it peacefully, hehe. But I hate cleaning up so I let my hubby do it.

Your food looks yummy :) Must try the A1 mixes soon.

Purple~MushRooM said...

So much food. Did you eat them all yourself?

:: Nicole :: said...

qqalice: the fish sauce is the spicy one :)

thanks for the tips btw.. will add ginger next time

jason: yea, now we can get the curry pre mix instead of the olden days where u have to buy so many ingredients just to make a pot of curry.. miss 1 ingredient, and that's it :P

cas: i think all mothers are the same eh? :p u MUST try all the A1 pre mix and also the bak kut teh mix :)

purple~mushroom: i usually cook when my bff is around.. the food taste nicer when u don't cook and eat alone.. haha..