Tuesday, April 07, 2009

what the heck?

Where is my mother of pearl???? dammit!!

This was brand new..

The mother of pearl just decided to 'pop' out after 9 months =.=

See, i bought it in july 2008..

Hopefully i can get a replacement.. sigh~~


sugarpurple said...

I know its a sad post for you but the way you wrote it was very funny

:: Nicole.F :: said...

sugarpurple: i didn't realize i bought the bracelet for 9 months til russ counted it for me.. haha..

The Mrs Blogs said...

Wow 9 months only and it came off? If you want to get it fixed for free, got to go back to SG to get it done right since it's still under warranty?

sugarpurple said...

theres krispykreme at times square

:: Nicole.F :: said...

cas: it's international warranty.. so i can get it fixed here :)

sugarpurple: think it's opening on 27th april :)

Purple~MushRooM said...

I tell you, Month Blanc sucks!

My hubby's friends gave him a Mont Blanc pen as a gift. We still had it in a box coz my hubby not using it. The cover of the pen has dots on it now... like rust. Yeee...

I suspected it was fake until I bought it to the Mont Blanc boutique. They verifed it was genuine. But they cleaned it up for me.

Lousy!!! But this did not happen to my Hubby's Mont Blanc belt. Only the pen. Not sure why.