Friday, April 10, 2009

where's the b'day pressie?

Some people might ask 'where's your b'day present that your hubby promised?', 'why haven't you brag about it yet?', 'so what you forced (pointing a gun to my bb's head) your hubby to buy for you this time?' and etc..

To be honest, my bb already said to me that i MIGHT get flamed if i post up what he got for me as my belated b'day present.. coz he knows that people are just plain jealous and loves to say bad things about other people so that they can look 'REAL' good.. but i told him 'so? i have a very loving hubby who loves to pamper and spoil me once awhile.. let them be jealous then' =.= i can't make everyone happy, riiiiiiiiiiiiight? i'm just a VERY lucky b-i-a-t-c-h AND i DO count my blessings, mind YOU!

Anyway, regarding about my mont blanc bracelet.. we took it to the mont blanc shop at pavilion and the SA was surprised to see my missing mother of pearl =.= luckily they can replace it for me FOC but it will take at least a few weeks coz they're ordering it from germany..

My bb asked me what do i want for my b'day present when we were in the mont blanc shop.. i did have my eyes on a bracelet BUT the price tag made my eyes popped out! it's retail at rm10k.. yea i know o.O

Of course we didn't get it.. it looks quite simple and besides i already have a bracelet.. so my bb bought me something else :)


My 1st Louis Vuitton bag (rosewood amarant)

I got the receipt.. so it's NOT a replica, alright? :p~

It's NOT black in color.. instead it's more like red wine color.. under the light you can see the sparkles and reddish color :p

Do you know how to tell the difference between an authentic and a replica rosewood? let me tell you..

An authentic bag won't have a zipper IN the bag and oh, look at the tag inside

There's NO monogram underneath an authentic bag

There's a small lil round buckle at the end of the zipper for an authentic bag

There's only ONE compartment in an authentic bag

So, if you see a rosewood with monogram beneath it then it's definately a replica :p
it's the EASIEST to spot..

ps: i'm loving my bag to every bits.. and oh bb, thanks for taking some of the pics for me :)


Annabelle said...

wow your rosewood is absolutely fantastic!! i had been working in singapore and almost everyone has lv/gucci that motivated me to get one for myself too. i have been eye-ing on the bright red rosewood but in the end i got myself a classic neverfull instead coz my then bf told me that it looks nicer on me. haha every girl should own a branded bag to pamper herself :)

:: about me :: said...

hee. nice.

cik CumeY said...

hi nicole..i've been ur silent reader for long time..
this post really show "YOU"....
i mean..
a few post be4 this seem like it's not really you..
seem u try to blog least so people wont complaint too much..

it's okay to show wut u got right?
some people use blog to make profits..some use as their diary..some use as a it's up to us how we want to make use of our blog..rite??

so for u...just be urself..coz we look gud as the way we are..not as the way people want us to be..

p/s--> maybe another year u would like to blog about ur baby?hahaha..

okay..bye..sorry my english is broken..hihi..i'm malay xtly

:: Nicole.F :: said...

annabelle: yeap, that's right :) every girl should at least have/own a pair of designer shoe AND bag..

thanks deedee :)

kikicomel: well, i hope those ppl can be as understanding as u :) hehehe.. thanks for reading my blog all these while.. i appreciate it :D

and oh, don't worry about your english.. i'm not good at it too ;)

ps: i might start a whole new blog once i'm pregnant.. hahaha... then u, the rest of my readers AND my hubby can follow the progress of my pregnancy :p

elle said...

nice choice...stylish and practical !

:: Nicole.F :: said...

elle: actually russ chose it for me :) he has taste.. hehehe..

The Mrs Blogs said...

Ooo laa laa Nicole, a LV bag! That's a real nice gift from your hubby :)I'm eyeing one too, hopefully can own my first LV bag by end of this year *crosses fingers*

tuttut said...

haha, even your husband knows you can't give up ANY chance to show off.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

cas: oh, great! :) can't wait to see which one u'd get ;)

tuttut: yeap, he knows me pretty well.. that's why he married me

sugarpurple said...

i like the colour - its adorable!

anyway out of curiosity, why are you so caught up with the fake ones?

:: Nicole.F :: said...

sugarpurple: well i just want ppl to know the differences.. not all replica grade AAAAAAA looks 99% original..

and oh, thanks for the compliment about the color :)

tuttut said...

You just want people to know you own the real expensive thing. And yes la, we all are soooooooooooo jealous of you.

QQAlice said...

a friend of mine got a wallet from this same fabric and color...its like dark dark red right?
I love that wallet that she bought...but too expensive for me !! and hey nice the new design of LV...much different than those common LV designs...nice fabric and nice color !!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

tushtush: if u want to think that way, i can't stop u.. and yes, i'm a show off biatch.. LOL

QQalice: the reason why i chose the monogram vernis coz not many ppl has it.. not like the monogram canvas or damier :) and russ said he likes it too so he doesn't mind buying it for me.. hehe.. i am a lucky girl afterall

Biying said...

Hey nic, nice bag :) I must say da color is unique. I wanna get a LV bag, mayb.. one? at lease one in my life time gua.. heehe.. mayb a Neverfull will do, more room to put my stuff ^^.
I recently got a Longchamp limited edition for my b'day n its white color~ tat's my first branded bag, im extremely happy.. ^^ Longchamp bag was not my first choice coz ter's plenty in da market now, u can't even know which one is real which one not, same as LV so thanks for sharing da tips to differentiate da replica n da authentic bag.

Pray i manage to get another branded bag soon.. :P *nope.. I'm not materialistic, nth wrong to pamper n shower myself wif things tat i love* right??



:: Nicole.F :: said...

biying: yea i totally agree that every girl has to pamper herself at least 1 pair of designer shoe and 1 designer bag :)

it was actually what i did.. just wanted ppl to see the differences between a replica and an authentic bag BUT some ppl chose to see what i did as a negative thing..

Mimi said...

Hi Nicole, Nice bag! My first LV is also a Vernis, but red in color (not sure the color code name) but design is lexington. I love it! Have fun with yours!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

mimi: oh lala.. the lexington vernis looks nice :) i just googled it.. hehehe.. good choice

Su said...

Actually i think it's rather ugly, no offense. Very auntie looking. I guess most will think it's nice just because it's LV. And it's so small what can you put in it?

Oh well, so long as you and Russ like it rite?

:: Nicole.F :: said...

su: believe it or not.. the bag is actually too big for me.. 1 packet of tissue, my wallet, coin purse, 1 pen, my car and house keys.. that's all i have :)

Aerinda Zara said...

Hey Nicole,

Nice bag.. u are such a lucky girl to ow a bag bought by ur hubby. Where else some others have to work very hard to own it but at the end of the day for those who own it thru their hardwork will make them feel proud, satisfied and contented.

Yeah.. its good to find out the differences between authentic and a fake one. But the important thing is to dress up nicely when you carry your autehntic LV bag else it will make you look as if you are carrying a fake bag.

Oh don't forget to clean your bag at Bag Spa.. to maintain the look of your LV bag..

Aerinda Zara

:: Nicole.F :: said...

aerinda zara: yea i know what u mean :) eg: when i bought my tous necklace and earring with my hard earned money, i felt proud, satisfied and contented.. i paid rm6k for it.. so, yea :)

and btw, bag spa? where? i must go then.. hehe..

claude said...


:: Nicole.F :: said...

claude: thank you :)

Purple~MushRooM said...

Interesting. Have not been reading blogs lately and here I am again.

Now, I am not an LV fan, but I do know a bit. The picture of your replica is not those AAA Grade type. I have seen AAA Grade type and we compared it with a real one which my friend was holding. They are exactly the same!!!! Even the leather strip goes brownish after using it for a while. Seriously can't tell any difference!

Don't get me wrong, I don't use fakes. I don't own an LV too. I am a Gucci fan. Again, though i'm in china and there're lots of AAA grade here, I don't do fakes. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't Get me wrong too... My fren even sent the AAA Grade for refurbising... well guess what?
the LV store accept the AAA Grade..
Seriously the AAA Grade done so perfect, the SA,SSA,SM or SD of LV store can't tell the diffrrent. The only one can tell is the craftman.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

anon: did the craftman reject the bag send it back to your friend?

purple~mushroom: hmmm... maybe i should ask u to get some AAAAAAA ones for me since u're in china.. hehehe...

Anonymous said...

Ofcouse No... That's surprise everyone of us! I think only the Europe craftman are able the diffrrentciate it, and i guess the refurbishing is done by (M),because LVMH (M) is hiring craftman in (M). by the way anyone wanted to buy any of these Grade AAA can email my fren @

Anonymous said...

Hi there anyone wish to buy replica LV Identical to the original with genuine reciept from LV and this replica is identical to pass the ultimate test from the LV store for repair or point check. if u wish to save money can contact me at I will keep secret for the buyer or enquiry..

Sam Lee said...

hm... i just read at your blog (get the blog link from theclippingpoint actually )

i am not a fan of LV, but this is really a nice bag!

anyway, can you delete those comments talking about replica here ? they are quite annoying :p