Thursday, April 02, 2009

yummy cupcakes?

Remember my previous post? about cupcakes.. click here to refresh your memory :p

Well, i went to those 3 places which i mentioned and bought some cupcakes :-

Wondermilk @ Damansara Uptown, PJ (4 for rm17)

Cupcake Chic @ The Curve, PJ (1 for rm4.50)

Bisou @ Asian Heritage Row, KL (1 for rm5)

As you can see, Bisou doesn't emphasize on the packaging.. they have a dull white box with a dull plain brown paper bag.. what a waste.. i think they should make a nice box at least.. 1st impression counts ;)

I went to all these 3 different places in 3 days.. 1 place 1 day AND now i have 7 cupcakes in my fridge! i ate 1 last night =.="

My mum asked me 'aren't you scared of getting fat?? look at the icing cream!!'

I said 'i seldom eat cupcakes.. not even ice cream, cakes or donuts.. i just want to try out the cupcakes once and for all'

The actual cupcakes aren't THAT pretty right? sigh... i guess the cupcakes would be much much prettier IF we order it instead.. what do you think?

As for the taste, well.. er.... you gotta let me finish the cupcakes first before i can even comment.. maybe in a couple of days.. hehehe...

ps: anyone knows where else i can find cupcakes?


The Mrs Blogs said...

LOL omg cupcakes, my fav! I've so far only tried Cupcake chics, they used to be bigger with more icing and it's quite pricey just for 1. Been wanting to check out wondermilk, how's the taste like? You should taste all 3 and let us know which one is the best :))

Biying said...

I remember ur previous post abt da cupcakes but somehow i realize those 3 tat u mention tis time, doesnt look as "sweet" as da cupcakes u mention in previous post.. :P

will wait for ur review :) as im going bk to KL next month, would like to try some of them if its good ;)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

yes cas, i'd eat all first before giving out my comment.. hehe..

bi ying: yeah, the actual cupcakes which they sell at the shop aren't as sweet looking/cute like what they show us on their website.. sigh~~

Anonymous said...
check out their cupcakes,im sure you'd love the designs :)
it's located in penang though

:: Nicole.F :: said...

thanks anon :) me and my hubby do go back to penang whenever he's back from work.. so it shouldn't be a prob for me to buy it :)

The Mrs Blogs said...

Oh yea try She's in PJ, makes very very pretty cupcakes. I've ordered once from her :)