Monday, April 13, 2009


I've been a good girl housewife in the past couple of days.. i stayed at home, cooked, washed clothes and cleaned the house.. since my bff, nikie has been coming over to my place to hang out, i've decided to make her my 'white mice'.. hahahaha..

Day 1


Stir fried veggie

Chicken curry (credits to my mum in-law for buying the curry paste for me)

Day 2

Omelette with prawns

Stir fried broccoli with prawns

Left over chicken curry

Our dinner

Well, the curry was abit diluted.. so next time less water! i still have the chicken curry with me =.= we ate it for dinner, lunch and dinner.. now left some potatoes only.. phew! we ate the curry with rice and also bread.. yummy :)

Anyway, i have a great product to introduce to y'all.. actually i first saw it when i was at jusco, midvalley with serena.. serena bought it and after using it, she told me it's quite good.. hence i got one myself a few days back when i was at jusco, tmn maluri..

It's a fruit and veggie wash!

Just pump a few pumps of it into a bowl of water and then mix it.. wash your fruits and veggie with it.. rinse it if you want.. i washed my veggie using it and look :-

All the dirt and sand just came off.. also it somehow makes the veggie looks greener.. hehehe.. it's 100% natural and organic.. so no need to worry ;)

There, i may not be a good cook but i am learning.. i hope when my bb is back, i can cook for him to try *fingers crossed*


The Mrs Blogs said...

The food looks good :) I guess the key is to keep trying, which is what I'm doing. And to make the husband the guinea pig, haha. Hope to be a good cook like my mom one day :)

QQAlice said...

i did not taste them but they do have a very good presentation coz they looked good and quite potential ahhh...not a bad start at all ... gambateh !! If need any tips you may ask me coz I cook all the time..hehee..i have many simple recipe but yet delicious !

Nat said...

Great! =) You're really resourceful when it comes to ingredients. Nv letting anything go to waste. ;-)

Looks good too!


:: Nicole.F :: said...

cas: i hope i'd be a good cook too.. so our kids won't complain in the future.. hahaha

qqalice: sure, if i want anything i'd ask u for help :)

nat: if can i won't want to waste food.. if it's really really really yucky then i'd throw the food away :P

Gallivanter said...

If I knew your latest post was about food, I would've skipped your blog because I'm HUNGRY! :-P