Wednesday, April 15, 2009

what do i think of the cupcakes?

fyi: i know this has been overdue but here's what i think of the cupcakes :)

Well first of all, the cupcakes are sweeeeeeeeeeet!~~~ coz of the icing, duh! kekekeke...

I ate the cupcakes which i bought from cupcake chic first.. wow! can have diabetes, man.. the icing was SUPER DUPER sweet.. i wonder how much calories are in each one.. hmmm....

Next, i ate the ones i bought from bisou.. the cupcakes aren't as sweet BUT it's not as smooth and soft as the cupcake chic's cupcakes..

I save the cutest cupcakes for last.. sigh~~ wish i can keep them forever :P according from my bff, nikie.. she said wondermilk's cupcakes aren't so sweet.. and YES! it's not super duper sweet! omg, it just melts in your mouth! sooooooooo soft and smooth.. it's small and cute.. so far it's the BEST cupcake i've ate.. hehehe...

So there, that's my review for now.. think i'd avoid eating cupcakes in the next few months :p


Nat said...

ahaha. After reading your posts about cupcakes I have coincidentally bumped in to them everywhere I go!

As if the universe is telling me to indulge in those little sweeties. I think I shall yield just this once.

Considering I was never a cupcake person, but reading your posts seems to send some subliminal message. Now they are all I can think of. ahaha. ;-P


biying said...

where is Wondermilk located nic? I wanna try when i go down next month.

QQAlice said...

I think cupcakes the first thing to sell is its decoration..coz it attracts buyers..the taste and texture of cupcakes will only ocme next. I am never fancy cupcakes but recently it seems like its a trend now coz cupcakes have improved by putting on absolutely cute and nice deco on the top which also attracted me. Few times I really wanted to buy for my son just because they look cute to me and also I am sure my son loves it but let go eventually coz yeah those icing on the top I really hesitate to let my son to eat it.

If im going to have a cupcake i would only eat those beneath the icing top with a cup of hot green burn those calories. :P

Nicole i think you gave me an idea of what cake i should get for my son coming 4th birthday in 2 months time ! CUPCAKES !!!!

The Mrs Blogs said...

Nic, so wondermilk wins huh, have yet to try it despite hearing good reviews about their cupcakes. Time to pay them a visit soon I reckon :)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

nat: u have to indulge yourself with those yummy cupcakes once awhile at least! hehehe..

biying: it's located at no 41, jalan ss21/1A, D'mansara Utama.. i need a gps to help me find the road.. haha

qqalice: i'm sure your 4 year old would love the cupcakes ;) it's different from the usual cake.. at least it's small and cute..

cas: maybe we should one day go to wondermilk and have our tea time there.. what do u think? :p