Monday, May 18, 2009

homemade sandwich?

Besides trying my hands on cooking, i'm trying to make sandwiches as well.. i know it won't be like the subway or o'briens sandwiches BUT at least it will fill my stomach when it's growling.. hehe..

This is not my first time making sandwiches.. obviously =.= i've made tons of it but just never blog about it..

The sandwich which i've made contains chicken ham and omelette.. that's all :p i got no lettuce, so.... anyways, i think it's all good.. hehe..

An egg with added salt and pepper

Omelette and chicken ham

First i buttered the bread/bun

Cut the chicken ham and omelette into half

I made 3 sandwiches.. and with 1 vitagen.. it was my dinner for the day

It was quite filling!