Monday, May 11, 2009


For the past... let's see.. less than a month, i've been cooking quite often.. my bb is proud of me and he has already made his order.. he wants a home cook steak! always a meat person :p

Gosh, i hope i'm not turning this blog into a food blog =.= well, you know.. i need my s p a c e to "boast about the things my bb bought for me" and make you guys zealous.. yea, i'm a pain in YOUR arse, i'm a biatch AND i'm LOVING it! muahahahaha...

Anyway, i'm gonna show you pictures of what i have cooked for my 4 dinners..

1st dinner

Wrapped the fish in the aluminium foil with ginger, 2 tablespoon of water and a dash of soy sauce

Put it into the steamer and set it for 15mins (min)

Meanwhile, tossed some garlic into the pan with some oil (garlic is VERY important) and stir fried the veggie

My fried fish with soy sauce, steam fish with ginger and soy sauce and stir fried veggie with ginger, garlic and oyster sauce

2nd dinner

Using A1 mix

Steam fish

Stir fried french beans with oyster sauce

3rd dinner

Lady's fingers + squid with A1 portuguese mix

Fried prawns in soy sauce (nikie's fav)

4th dinner

Black pepper seafood fried rice

Stay tune for more pictures! ;)


Unknown said...

those pictures are making me hungry. lucky it's just nice to go for lunch now.. haha

Nat said...

Waaa waaaaa Nicole I must commend you are really turning into a pro cook liows. Really looks jieng (canto) lehhh...


QQAlice said...

hmm the suacy steam fish looks delicious and hey i realised u love omellet alot eh?

The Mrs Blogs said...

Hehehe I see you've been bit by the cooking bug :) Food looks yummy, making me so hungry, good thing I'm off to dinner now!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

the pictures of the food looked nice but as for the taste... well.. i'm not too sure.. i need someone to try it and tell me! ;)

qqalice: yea i like omelette :)

sugarpurple said...

babe, steak is the easiest to make. to me the best steaks are the ones without any marinade. just add a lil salt n pepper leave it for a while n put the meat on the grill. its tht easy. cook it when u r ready to eat. the steak will be ready in few mins depending how you like your steak, rare, medium rare, medium, well done.

QQAlice said...

yeah i agree with surgarpurple..and thats how i grill the steak or chop or salmon steak..just some salt and pepper already damn nice..natural taste..but i do add abit of soya sauce coz its tastier. I grill for my hub everyday to bring to work as he is on diet..he only eat a piece of grilled meat with salad..fresh made salad. Try lamb it !

Then make some salad with mixtures of different raw vegetables..if u can get some nice avocado even better !

Purple~MushRooM said...

Geng! You are really good at cooking. Make me hungry eventhough I just had my lunch. :)