Thursday, May 07, 2009

mini iphone?

When apple first introduced the iphone, i was so excited.. coz it looks FUN! but secretly i wished the iphone could be smaller and slimmer.. before my bb bought me my nokia E71, i was considering of waiting for the 3G iphone and the HTC Touch HD.. BUT alas, i got the E71.. why? coz i realized that it's quite a hassle for me to use a touch screen phone as i like to sms while driving! hehehe.. it's just so much easier if i get a phone with a keypad.. preferably with a qwerty keypad :)

Somehow, someone out there... in china, heard my wish.. they came out with a mini iphone! hahaha... my bb bought 2 of it when he was in batam, indonesia.. he said it's cheap.. only rm400 each..

Wanna see how it looks like?

It is as small as my palm

I just realize that my bb didn't set the time and date

Look at the applications

There's absolutely NO way you can type a sms with your finger.. not even with your pinky.. look how small the buttons are! you definately need a stylus.. hahaha..

But you can make phone calls easily tho ;)

And this is how the mini iphone camera quality looks like :-

I actually love the size and the cute-ness of the phone BUT once again, the keypad is just ridiculously small =.=

Oh yea, this mini iphone has something which the real iphone doesn't have.. the mini iphone has an external... TV ANTENNA! yeah, man.. you can tune in to watch RTM1, RTM2, TV3, NTV7 and 8TV.. just no astro yah.. LOL!!

Anyone wants to buy it? my bb can get it for you :)


sugarpurple said...

is he gonna sell it for cost price?

QQAlice said...

nicole are u serious? its only RM400 each?????????? If i need to get one...are u able to help me to get it? Please advise.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

sugarpurple: well i'm not sure if he's gonna sell it at cost price but i'd ask him tonight :)

qqalice: if u want, better u tell me now as he might not go back to batam anymore.. he's still in batam now

The Mrs Blogs said...

LOL what an adorable looking phone. All I have is a old samsung phone, time to upgrade :)) Is this practical to use overall?

:: Nicole.F :: said...

it's selling for 1.3million rupiah in batam.. so it's about rm450.. that's what russ said.. heard that some ppl are selling it in sg wang.. maybe u girls can check it out there :)

cas: practical? well, i don't have the phone with me now.. so i don't know but touch screen phones are never practical for me.. hehehe..

n this mini iphone comes with mini keypad =.=" so hard to sms

QQAlice said...

Ohh nicole I was asking the iphone coz my husband's nephew in Cairo asked us to get one Iphone for him as my hub is going back to Cairo this year and now i thought this mini one is great and cheap but I was told Cairo is actually selling this mini iphone also however our nephew prefer the original one.

But we will still try to get it from Malaysia as it is cheaper. Do far I was told the price of the iphone in malaysia without plan is about RM2800. Do u think you can get cheaper?

Vince said...

Hi Nicole,

Thank God i found your blog. I have been trying to read Russ's Blog but it was locked and i am not an invited user. Can you please let him know to allow nick to read his blog. I am a follower too.

Thank you,

:: Nicole.F :: said...

qqalice: i know a friend who sells the original iphone from the states.. it's unlock and for the price, i don't really know how much it is.. will ask her n then i'll get back to u

vincent: russ has completely stopped blogging already.. even i'm not invited to his blog to read back the old post.. sorry for the inconvenience :)

cik CumeY said...


r there samed as the original iphone?
i think want to order it...
but still thinking...
if i wanna buy..
do i need to bank in to you immediately?

:: Nicole.F :: said...

kikicomel: i think it's better u survey the price in kl first.. my friend told me that he has seen many ppl in klang with this mini iphone..

btw, no it's not the same as the original iphone.. this is a replica..

my husband can't get too many phones from batam also.. he scared he'd get tax IF they happens to check on his bag

Vince said...

OIC.... Thanks Nic.... I hope he is ok. :)