Tuesday, May 05, 2009

what are those?

I seriously CANNOT do it.. i really can't.. it'd be TOO cruel to wipe them out! inhuman of me.. sigh.. why do they have to make 'them' look so darn cute! arggggggh!!!!

It has been 2 days now.. i've been trying to 'force' myself to do something which.. well, i might regret later on.. wtf! decision decision decision..

Tell me, how can you eat THIS!

I KNOW! they are so cute AND adorable right?

Look at the cute giraffe and pink horsie! and and the small cutesy chick! awwwww....

What about the cow, sheep and elephant as well??

You may ask me what are those.. well, i spotted them while i was at pavilion 2 days ago with nikie.. i knew that i MUST have those sweet lil things.. it's JELLY!! i bought 'them' for rm10.. it's strawberry flavored..

Check out who made 'them' at www.qjelly.com.. currently they have shops at pavilion, sunway pyramid, ikano and puchong.. so check them out! :)

ps: how i wish people would stop making such cute food =.= eg: cupcakes, chocolates and now jelly.. sigh.. it's making me so hard to put into my mouth!


QQAlice said...

ohh my my !! people are changing their products alot eh? they are really really really cute and i thought there are kuih?? those in cantonese we called " 9 cheng gou"?? so its jelly ? when i first saw them i thought that would be my son's fav i guess. Will look for them when i go back end of this year.

Vic said...

that is too cuteeee

Vic said...

that is too cuteeee

:: Nicole :: said...

qqalice: i'm sure your son would love 'them' :) hehehe..

vic: yup.. too darn cute.. i still have 'them' in my fridge now.. sigh.. i wonder when will i ever eat 'them'

Nat said...

Looks yummy. =p~

Do they contain santan? From the texture looks like it.


Prince said...

Wor......if I buy this for my dear, she sure feel happy XD. Last time my dear bought me a CUTIES biscuit, I was thinking how i going to eat that biscuit but finally after 3/4 days, i ate it cause if you dint eat it might attract the ant or Expired. Anyway your jelly look nicer than my biscuit haha.

:: Nicole :: said...

nat: i'm not sure if they use santan on this jelly.. they have 3 flavors.. santan, chocolate and strawberry..

prince: u should buy it for your gf! :) i'm sure she'd go, 'awwwwww... so cute'.. hehehe.. get it from pavilion.. the food court floor.. the stall is near the supermarket..

anyway, yea i would eat it soon.. maybe today :( sigh~

The Mrs Blogs said...

Nicole, if you don't eat em I will, lol. They're seriously so cute. I hope they taste as good as they look :)

:: Nicole :: said...

cas: yup yup.. they taste good.. i just ate the sheep n now i feel bad :p