Wednesday, May 13, 2009

night view?

This is what it looks like during the night.. looking out from our condo :-

The last time i sat at the balcony was with my bb.. both of us sitting on the bar stool overlooking the night scenery while sipping vitagen :) ever since then, i've never sat at the balcony again.. coz there's no one to share with me this beautiful view..

I remember the first time i sat at the balcony.. it was with my bb.. our place was still under renovation.. we bought 2 LARGE domino's pizza and sat at the balcony enjoying the view while munching away the pizza that we bought.. we imagined what would it be like to move in and stay together.. we were so eager to move in..

Fast forward a year later.. now we've finally moved in but my bb is often not here with me at home.. sigh~~


The Mrs Blogs said...

Gorgeous view! Some of the simple things in life are the best when shared with a loved one :))

Oh and I LOVE Dominos pizza, hehe