Tuesday, May 26, 2009

online shopping?

Ever since i discovered online shopping, there's no turning back.. remember when i did my first ever online purchase? i bought :-

Bling H2O

Bvlgari sunglasses (from ebay for half the price of what is selling here and it's certified its authencity)

And i've been buying clothes online quite frequent.. from clothesforfun.blogspot.com.. the price for the clothes are quite decent AND what's important is the quality is pretty good :) the clothes are basically like the ones you see at MNG and Forever 21..

I usually now will get stuff online which i can't find it here in malaysia or even in singapore.. example :-

Victoria Secret (python luggage tag & passport holder)

I saw this from xiaxue's blog and i fell in love with it hence i asked someone to get it for me from the states :)

Baby Phat top (i love kimora lee simmons!)

Ralph Lauren Rugby (from rugby.com)

So, there.. i seldom go shopping at the mall anymore as i can get clothes online.. plus the chances of me clashing with anyone wearing the same clothes as i am will be lower.. hehe.. isn't that nice? :)

ps: i will blog about my road trip with my girl friends soon.. just give me some time to edit my pics.. the post will be FULL with pics for the first time ever! wheeeeee~~


sean said...

i'm sure you'd find people wearing similar clothing - well it would depend where you hangout also!because you are not the only one shopping online! besides travelling abroad for shopping is so common these days. eventhough these brand names do not have a store in Malaysia, Malaysians do have access to these brand names via their extensive travels and not forgetting online shopping just like you!

have fun in your roda trip

:: Nicole :: said...

the chances of clashing with ppl wearing the same clothes would be lower.. coz it's not like MNG or zara or forever 21 or padini and etc..

i had a blast for the road trip.. hehe.. posting the pics up real soon

Research said...

Hie Nicole, I have been wanted to buy stuff online but I am wondering if those stuff will get taxed? Or have you ever get taxed before for purchasing online? Maybe if you can share the process of getting the stuff online? Greatly appreciated! Thanks

The Mrs Blogs said...

Great hauls. I love your VS passport holder babe!! I swear by online shopping - I buy clothes, cosmetic and everything else online - too lazy to go to the mall, hehe.

Anonymous said...

Hey nicole, been silently following your blog for quite awhile now. Hehe, first time posting a comment here. I love to shop online too!! I can do it for hours! But my reasons are because it is sooo much cheaper than getting 'em locally. How do you get your U.S stuff btw? Do you use VShub? Or online spreers?

:: Nicole :: said...

research & anon: most of the time i buy my US stuff through someone online.. she will calculate the price, shipping, insurance and tax for me

cas: yeah i saw your cosmetics and perfumes on your blog which u bought it online.. hehehe..

Anonymous said...

I used to do that too, ask someone to buy for me, but the last two times I bought some GAP stuff (sales, haha) and a coach bag through vshub, it was way cheaper. Should check it out. www.vshub.com. Just thought i'd share cos most US sites don't ship to msia. But i think this site only caters for US-Msia.

:: Nicole :: said...

anon: oh oh.. i just checked out the website.. vshub is like vpost.com :)

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