Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I've always observed how my grandma, my aunty and my mum made soup BUT i've never made it myself before until now...

So, for starters.. i made a simple soup with anchovies, ginger, chinese flowering cabbage and also cabbage..

My mum bought me some anchovies from the market

Put the anchovies into a pot, add some oil and ginger, stir fried it for awhile.. then add water, put in the cabbage and add a pinch of salt :) boil it til the cabbage turns soft and serve

My dinner

The soup i made

The soup turns out exactly how my grandma, my aunty and my mum made it :) yay!


Eunice said...

Ee I also wanna make! It's healthy, and satisfying. Thanks for showing the pictures!

Anonymous said...

how come most of ur cooking are all instant?

QQAlice said...

Nicole try to make some home made noodle soup..boil water with anchovies, some garlics ( smash whole clove), few slices ginger, chopped fresh tomatoes..normally i use 1...couple of spring onion or u call it shallots and add abit of cabbage for the soup to taste sweeter(opyional)..add some white pepper, salt and a dash of soya sauce..let everything boil together until garlics and tomatoes are nearly disappear...then this iwll be the soup base...

if u want more nicer you can add a couple of drumstick...take the skin out so its not that fattening...when the soup base is done take the drumsticks out and sliced the meat ready to top on noodles when to serve

then add noodles (normally i use wo dong coz no need to boil seperate first), fishballs, dumpings (home made or from shop) and green veges into the soup base and boil little bit...then it is ready to eat..its quick and healthy and yummi..get some fresh chopped chilli also is nice.

Well just an idea to share coz it is really easy and quick meal. I do it almost every week. ^_^

:: Nicole.F :: said...

eunice: you're welcome

anon: instant? what do u mean instant? i don't get those frozen food and put it in microwave.. i don't even have a microwave to begin with.. or do u mean i always use pre mixes?

well, my dishes are all simple.. i just started cooking and of course i'd start from those simple and my fav dishes.. as long as it can feel my stomach and taste yummy.. oh, i don't use ajinomoto like most restaurants do..

so u reckon my home cook food is not healthy?

qqalice: thanks for the recipe :) appreciate it.. will put pics of it when i try cooking it :)

ShaSha said...

Anon: for the beginner level, it is recommended to do simple and easy cooking. You can't expect too much.

Nic: Gambateh lar, waiting for your next assignment :P

russwestwood said...

hi bebee.. the soup looks yummy.. can u make some for me when im back??

:: Nicole.F :: said...

shasha: next assignment? well, nothing fancy.. i always cook my fav dishes.. so maybe my fav dishes doesn't look appealing

bb: =.= u don't like cooked veggie.. unless u drink the soup and i eat the veggie :p