Sunday, April 15, 2007

how much is that doggie?

"It's RM900+ including accessories" the pet shop owner told me..

Okay, i was out with alice today.. first we had KFC then we went to Bangsar Shopping Center (BSC) to meet tony.. i had problems installing a game which i bought when i was with russ in penang..

Anyway, me and alice ended up at tony's work place for a couple of hours.. he's just sooooooooo excited about organizing a trip to penang.. he told me where i can find the best nasi lemak, curry noodles, fried kuey teow and etc.. i told him we could go when my bb is back.. anyone interested? just take a few days off for a holiday :p don't worry about transportation as am sure tony will be willing to be your driver.. hehe.. right?

So after we left BSC about 4pm ish, we went to Ikano.. initially i wanted to check out the game shop there BUT i ended up paying deposit for a laptop bag.. since i brought my macBook out today, it was kinda inconvenient for me.. i had to hug it with my 2 hands and i can't leave it in my car as my car could get broken into.. i just can't afford to lose my mcBook as my bb bought it for me..

At about 6pm, i drove alice back to KL to collect her doggie at the pet shop.. there i saw 3 shih tzu.. i was like OMG!!! they're just soooooooooooooooo cute AND adorable.. they were born on 24 Feb 2007 so they're just less than 2 months old! :) am just wondering if my bb will buy it for me or not.. at least the doggie could keep me company at home.. i mean IF i get it now and train it, it'd be easier for me to sneak it to our new condo as it won't bark and had gotten familiar with us.. shih tzu doesn't need much exercise so basically i could keep it in the condo all the time unlike a golden retriever or a siberian husky.. ok ok, i know i wanted a jack russell but the pet shop owner told me that jack russell is very active and it's barking could be quite loud..

I want a doggie BUT a doggie which needs minimum of exercise, small and cute.. the perfect match to that description would be a shih tzu.. well, i used to think i'd never want a shih tzu coz of a 'personal' reason..

But i just can't say no to this cute sweet lil adorable thing.. awwwwwwwww.... so, bb.. can i have it??


lovegoddess said...

ohh...the shih tzu is very very cute.

but just to letya know shih tzus are quite prone to having eye diseases are quite slow learners - mayb not all of them but generally and i was told about this by a pet seller and some vets.

Not sure whether shih tzu can guard house or not.. if you are really getting a dog, why not get one which can also jaga rumah..right? :)

my schnauzer would bark up a fuss whenever someone is approaching the door *muacks..i lov her so much*

mayb you'd like to consider a pomeranian or schnauzer ?? they are suitable for dwelling in condos too.. they r cute, need just a lil' exercise and make quite good guard dogs....small in size but big in spirit!!

then again, its totally up to you :)

:: Nicole :: said...

well, am not sure if russ is keen about me keeping a dog or not

jasonphoon said...

Shih Tzus are extremely horny and kinda noisy. So you might wanna think about that before getting one .. hehe

then again , most small dogs are like that.

My neighbours dog is a Jack Russell and yeah , he's quite yappy. Very cute though .. ^_^

Russ said...

Did Tony fix ur game?
RM900 for a shih tzu, isnt that kinda cheap? And u told me u dont wanna Shih Tzu... :P

Lovegoddess, I think Shih Tzus are VERY intelligent and can even sense ur mood. They are just too smart, and lazy, and wont obey you if u try to get it to do stupid dog tricks.. hahaha! :) I wanted to get her a Mastiff to jaga rumah, but kinda hard to sneak a full grown one pass the security guards.. :)

:: Nicole :: said...

so can i have one, bb?????

Renee said...

I've got a terrier. His name is Max and he is the most loving and adorable dog ever. I love small dogs and to be honest, I think dogs really are men's best friend.
Penang sounds happening.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Mastiff is one big dog! It will weight more then nicole. But sure feel very secure with it around.

Anonymous said...

shit tzu is the stupidest dog you see, try to google it.

and you are one demanding gal that always ask things from your bf huh?

:: Nicole :: said...

my bb i sright.. some ppl has got no balls to put their real name..

anyway, let me tell u this.. russell westwood is MY HUBBY.. which part of my blog gave u an idea that he's my bf instead??

and yea, who are u to judge me anyway? and i don't see my hubby complaining.. even if i don't ask anything, he'd still want to pamper me EVER..

Tony said...

Hey anonymous, who hell u think u are to make rude comments on people's blog huh ? Do you use ur ass to think ? Which part of her blog says Russ is her BF ? Its her wonderful "Husband" if you dun know how to understand .

I am WARNING U HERE ! Don't create trouble here pal. Don't even have the ballz to put ur name down here.

Nic: Curse this guy/gal here, give me ur username and password, i am gonna track down this SOB's ip. add and hack him down. If i don't teach him a lesson here, i am not called a friend... anonymous, better pack ur sorry ass now !

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Hmmm.. i always wonder why some ppl post a really bad & sillu comment and dont even have the guts to reveal their true self.

Hedonistics Anonymous said...

go for a schnauzer. they don't shed. i'm a big fan of non-shedding dogs. but when the time comes, i'll prolly end up adopting one from the sspca. that's where i got a shepherd pup for a friend two years ago.

shih tzus are cute and smart but so stubborn. and grooming them is a headache unless you've got plenty of time on your hands.

Anonymous said...

okay stay cool. i don't have any bad intention in the first place. sorry for making some many misunderstandings around. I had a very disasterous experience with my ex who was very demanding and we had a very sad ending. sorry for being too emotional just now, it's my fault.

and for the shitzu breed, it's really the least intelligent breed. though they can be a good company if you just want a pet as company. i think i again express wrongly in a manner that you think i am rude, which i am not in the first place.

sigh, anyway, just sorry for any troubles that i had made. i really had learn my lesson.

:: Nicole :: said...

dear Anonymous,

good that we have cleared the misunderstandings.. u don't have to be so emo, u know? ;) take it easy dude..

not every girl would be like your ex.. sorry to know that u had a sad ending with her.. stay strong and don't give up in finding that special girl :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your concern, i wish the next lady i meet can be like you. :)

:: Nicole :: said...

hmmmm.. but u think i'm demanding :p~ n u wish your future gf could be like me? anyway, thanks for your compliment :)

munaks said...

eh and i thought shit tzu are quite hyper? my housemate had 2 last time and they used to be so noisy and horny at nite, its a wonder they din turn gay and start screwing each other haha.

i wan go penang too :( let me see what my wife says abt it for this weekend haha

:: Nicole :: said...

ok ok.. we ALL go to pg when russ is back.. lol..