Saturday, April 07, 2007

what are those?

Today (07/04/07) i went out with alice again.. for ALMOST the whole day.. hehe.. first of all we went to have our brunch.. we had 'dim sum'! it's been quite some time since i had it.. the last time was with my family AND also my bb at concorde hotel :)

After that we went to the driving school as alice wanted to learn to drive :) the whole thing including the test and the driving cost only RM789.. i think.. not too bad.. so she registered for it.. then we went to 1Utama.. yea yea.. my 2nd home :p~ we spent a few hours shopping.. ok bb, i did spend a lil more money as usual.. i went to Parkson and i bought a frying pan, went to Giant Supermarket and bought some cooking ingredients plus this is what i bought too :-

This is my shampoo.. it purifies the scalp and removed the dandruff adhered to the hair roots.. it helps normalize the secretion of sebum.. it contains mineral, seaweed and salt!

And this is the photo-etched parts set for my 350z which i've bought it earlier on.. it's a detail-up parts series.. hehe..

At about 8pm ish, me and alice decided to have our dinner.. so after dinner, as we wanted to leave 1Utama, i heard some loud music somewhere.. being curious, we searched for the place where the music originated from.. and VOILA! we found this :-

The LARGEST modified cars showcase in SOUTH EAST ASIA..
venue at Bkt Jalil..

Besides we were given the leaflet, behold! this are the cars we saw there :-

Our Proton Gen 2.. it's on FIRE!!

And another Gen 2..

This is our Proton Savvy.. "built tougher than you think"..

As er.. for this.. i have no IDEA what car is it BUT judging from the side mirror, i think.. i think it's a Perodua MyVi.. and did you notice something on the dashboard? lemme zoom in for you..

Yeah, it's a MINI FAN!! i guess with ALL the mods the owner spent on, he/she is trying to save on fuel.. that's some typical people way of thinking.. no air-cond.. just use fan.. muahahahahha! *rofl*

This is the back view of the car.. it looks like a mutated transformer.. don't you think so? see those lights? skyline wannabe? *lmao*

Anyways, beside all the local *ahem* vehicles, they also displayed some cars.. real cars.. such as Toyota Supra, Mazda RX 7 and RX 8, and a Mitsubishi Evo 6.. so it was not so bad.. haha..

ps: pictures ALL were taken with alice's camera phone.. sorry if it's blur.. but it's better than my phone :p~ bb, i need a better camera phone..


Russ said...

Hey, you got a photo-etched set for ur 350Z, so lucky.. R34 GTR is always out of stock.. :P

Largest modified car showcase? You going?

Those Protons & Peroduas look HORRIBLE!!! :( Justin should show off his Satria, put those guys to shame.

We need to bring in the japanese imports to show them some class.. :)

:: Nicole :: said...

bb, i'm just waiting for u to go with me.. ends 1st may 07 :) if u could make it back by then.. but jesz did asked me if i'm going and i told her i'm not.. she did make a point by saying that why should we go and pay to see the cars that we usually would see at those shops at sunway.. good point right? :p~

Renee said...

So ugwee lerh those local cars. Sorry ah, but locally modded cars remind me of them wannabes.
No style wan.
There are some lah that super rock but for most... haih. Disappointing. I'd rather see em spend a bit more on a nice car. :)

Tony said...

I went there and have a look but, most of the cars there care quite crappy (no offence but its true). They have bad taste man. JUSTIN bring ur car there and show them the meaning of beauty =p

Wah nicole & russ since when have both of you are so into model kit ? ^_^ Come RC is better, i am starting to get interested in it. Might get 1 after i trnasplant my new engine.

:: Nicole :: said...

yeah justin.. u should bring your car there.. i ACTUALLY thought it will be there.. lol

renee: u should look at justin's car.. nicely modified.. for a locally modded car :)

G@V@N said...

erm,i guess the purple car with the fan inside looks like a kelisa more than a myvi, the rear lines aren't that round and short for the myvi... =)

:: Nicole :: said...

erm, but it's just too big for a kelisa.. hmmmm...

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Ur 350Z will beat all those car hand down.

Russ said...

Wah, got fan inside.. I gotta install that mod for my GTR, save petrol, no need airconn.. :)

:: Nicole :: said...

hahaha... when i get it lar :p~ even my bb's car could beat em' hands down.. can even smoke them.. coz they're just using miVec.. lol..