Monday, April 02, 2007

how fragile is a relationship?

Today i woke up quite early.. think about 10am.. yeah, it's consider early as almost everyday, i'd wake up only when the sun is directly under my head.. hehe.. went out with my mum and had lunch with her.. while i was with my mum, my friend, han called me.. he asked me if i'm interested to check out some cars with him as he's planning to get another car.. so i agreed..

I've known my friend, han for about 2 years now.. think he's older than me a year or 2.. he's one of the share holders for a car accessories workshop which is just nearby my place.. i've worked with him before.. i was just a cashier.. hehe.. at that time it was just a part time job for me til i find another job.. anyways, han is a good friend of mine.. even after i stopped working there, i'd some times drop by his place to say hi or i'd intro some customers to him.. i helped him to advertise his viper alarm on zth forum where i met my hubby.. i've even brought my hubby to his shop before to install a strobe light and han tested my hubby's 'monster'.. hehe..

So, han came over to pick me up at about 1.45pm.. today is his off day.. i asked him which car he's planning to get.. he told me he got few choices.. it's either a Honda City or a Honda Jazz or even an old Nissan Sentra 1.8L.. we went to Ampang as it's the nearest from my place for the Honda showroom.. Honda is having some promotion now.. i left han and the sales person to talk about the purchase while i talked to my hubby on the phone..

After that, han drove to cheras.. to take a look at the 2nd hand cars.. we stopped by a few car dealers shop but there were no nice cars.. we went to selayang then.. still no cars that he likes.. the Sentra were all 1.6L *sigh*.. we stopped by for a meal at some mamak and we spent some time chatting.. i just found out that he broke up recently.. i was SHOCK! it was like a 4 years relationship.. how fragile could it be? he told me his ex gf broke it up as she said she doesn't have anymore feelings for him.. but still they're friends.. why friends? coz according to him, it's none of anyone's fault.. it's both sides.. no one is right or wrong in a relationship.. that IS sooooooooooo true.. er... right? he doesn't have much time for his ex gf due to his work and i think his ex gf must've been complaining as well.. of course he was heartbroken but what can he do? he can't asked his ex gf to stay as she might stay for the relationship sake but her heart won't be with him.. so he told me might as well they break up and take some time off.. he said if it's meant to be, they'd be back together again.. i agree.. all he'd be doing now is to focus on his career and have a stable good income..

He told me also that most of his relationships went wrong after 3 years.. so i suggested to him to get married after 2 years of dating! lol! i told him it's not the matter of time.. it's a matter if you've found the right one or not.. your true soulmate.. like how i found mine :) i took the opportunity to ask him what he thinks of my hubby.. he said he likes my bb! heehee.. not as in like like.. my friend isn't gay, ok? :p he likes my bb coz my bb is friendly and nice.. yea, my bb is *grinning*

I got home quite late.. i think about 5pm ish or maybe 6pm.. it was cloudy and i could hear the thunder even in the afternoon.. it's been a rainy season lately.. could've been the ghost festival is coming soon.. that's what us, chinese believe.. stuck in a jam and was raining.. i just got out from the shower and feeling a lil hungry as i didn't finish my food earlier on with my friend..

I gotta go now and grab a bite.. then i'd head to bed.. so sleepy..

ps: don't take your relationship for granted.. try to spice up your love life and don't make it a routine.. if not, it'd be bad eventually..


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

True what u say. Both side must give & take & most importantly trust each other.

:: Nicole :: said...

it's easy to be said than done.. trusting a person is hard.. especially in the beginning of a r'ship.. coz for some ppl their previous r'ships might have hurt and had broken the trust already so it takes/needs time to slowly re-build trust again.. er... right?

Russ said...

Thats right. And it takes work. A lot. A lot of work & tolerance.. but if you truly love each other, then all should be not too difficult.. :)