Sunday, April 22, 2007

what the....?

OMIGOSH!! i didn't realize my arm is like this now :-

The blardy doctor!! T_T see the blue black on my arm? th
e doctor took 2 tubes of blood from me..

Yea i went for the medical check up *sigh* not today tho but on friday

Anyways, i was out with my mum again.. this time we went to sg wang.. actually i was hunting for more dresses! hehe.. we came across this place in sg wang 1st floor itself where the local designers sell their creations.. eg: Zang Toi, Melinda Looi and etc.. then i spotted a shop selling lots n lots of dresses.. the shop is called 'Donna C'.. instantly i s
potted a nice sexy dress.. plain color but what i like about it, is that instead of a zipper at the side of the dress, it has a row of buttons! :) i tried on it and it ALMOST fitted me nicely! okay okay.. i need a lil alteration..

Then my mum saw this dress :-

So i tried it on.. what do you think? the girl told me that they could make the neckline higher

For the fun of it, my mum also tried it.. she just absolutely love it BUT it's kinda pricey.. it's about RM600+ for that dress..

So after playing 'try on' clothes, i paid for my dress.. it's about RM159.. not too bad.. and i could only take it in 2 days time coz i need them to alter it :p~


jasonphoon said...

the bruises look bad. oh , are you talking about tubs of blood or tubes?

I can't imagine how tubes of blood look like ..

:: Nicole :: said...

for a slit second i thought it was my typo error.. haha..

actually it's a test tube.. 2 test tubes of blood :p~

Anita Krishnan said...
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Anita Krishnan said...

It's common to have a bruise after having had your blood drawn, and it should last for a few days to a week.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Nicole! It is very painfull?? The blue dress look very very nice on u. But too expensive. Rm600 for a piece of cloth just barely enought to cover the esential is too expensive.

lovegoddess said...

hey baby..guess the doctor no good in blood withdrawing technique!! hope your bruises heal soon :)

thats a very beautiful blue dress..wahh..your mama so fit!

:: Nicole :: said...

hor ny ang moh: i think russ will faint if i bought that dress.. coz of the price!

lovegoddess: my mum always the one whom i give my clothes away too!! heehee..

Russ said...

Aww... poor baby, I hope the bruise goes away soon... I miss u baby.. :(

:: Nicole :: said...

it's been 4 days n my bruise is still VERY obvious T_T