Friday, April 27, 2007

what shall i do?

I'm currently counting the hours and days til my bb comes back into my arms again *yay!* he'd be flying home tonight (M'sia time) and only arrive here on sunday afternoon.. yeah, 2 days of travelling.. somemore my bb has to wait at the LA airport for 12 hours before he can board the plane to KL.. my poor bb~ :(

So, i have the whole night tonight, whole day tomorrow, whole night tomorrow AND half a day on sunday before i drive to KL Sentral to pick my bb up.. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~ i'm sooooooooooooooo sex-cited!!! hahaha....

Anways, i've made plans with tony and lovegoddess to meet up on the 30th april.. most probably would be at 1U as we could meet up justin as well :) anyone want to join us??

ps: what should i do at the meantime while waiting for my bb's arrival? any suggestions? maybe i should just watch dvds and transfer songs to my ipod BUT what should i do for the whole day tomorrow??


lovegoddess said...

do home facial? pamper yourself with a scrub and mask .. it feels so refreshing ;)

or you could choose your wardrobe? ;) wear something special to surprise your bb when you pick him up ;)

Renee said...

Where are you guys meeting lah? If I have the time, I'll pop by.