Tuesday, April 17, 2007

~ Happy 46th Birthday!! ~

Today is my aunty's 46th birthday so we had dinner together at a seafood restaurant along Jalan Cheras.. this is how the restaurant looks like :-

This is the restaurant's menu.. yeap, 'Unique Fisherman' is its name

See how many aquariums they have for the fishies, abalone, crabs, prawns, clams and etc..

We had a 6 course dinner which is included a fish, prawns, tau foo, 'kai lan' (veggie), clams and fried rice.. surprisingly it's NOT pricey and the seafood were fresh! :) it was less than RM200 for 4 person.. good deal, eh?

But before we had dinner, me, my aunty and me did some shopping.. as usual i did MY thang in the fitting room :p~

It's sexxxxxxxxxxxxy right? hehe..

But i got no boob-ies :'(

It's nice BUT too pricey for the thin material *sigh*

ps: sorry for my blur pictures :( lousy camera phone.. only 1.3MP *sigh*


ckwei said...

200 for 4 ppl seems a bit steep, but might be cos of the type of fish u ordered :P nxt time ur hubby is back, can ask him to bring u to tambun since he's fr pg, the last time i went with my friends(years ago though), 10 peeps cost us about slightly more than 200 bucks :)

:: Nicole :: said...

er.. things in kl is more pricey than penang.. i think so :p

lovegoddess said...

ckwei is right, RM200/ is a bit expensive for 4peeps even in KL, but then again depends on what sorta fish you had - and the type of prawns too. Anyways, doesn't matter la, so long you enjoyed the food :)

pheeewwiiitt! you look sexy in that black top :) did you buy it?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Got food pic??Maybe in KL RM200 for 4 is consider cheap but else where consider expensive.

:: Nicole :: said...

becoz of my lousy camera phone, i didn't took any food pics.. sorry la..

anyway, i didn't buy the top.. altho i like it alot :p~

jasonphoon said...

Maybe the fisherman is sort of special, to have a name like that. like maybe he can catch fish with his bare hands or something.

oh , hot pictures btw. now i know why girls take so long in the dressing room ^_^

:: Nicole :: said...

er, jason.. i believe maybe i'm the only girl who do this.. taking self pics in fitting room n post it online.. hahaha..

Anonymous said...

U have just nice boobies :)

:: Nicole :: said...

er.. thanks :)

Russ said...

Aww.. sorry baby, wish I was there to eat pasta with u... looking at ur pix make me miss u so much..