Sunday, April 01, 2007

my own 350z?

With ALL the excitement of getting the GTR back home after the major modding, makes me start to think about MY future ride :p~ to plan out what to do to make it a show car.. haha!

At first i couldn't believe it when my hubby said 'i'll get you the 350z'.. i was like 'OMIGOSH!!!! are you for real?'.. 'not the tamiya model set, you know?'.. 'it's the one i could drive in it?'.. ever since Nissan launc
hed the 5th generation of the Z, i just fell immediately in love with it.. and i'm STILL in love with it after all these years.. it IS truly a beauty..

Don't you think so?

The Z is using 2 types of engines.. first when they launched it (2003 - 2006), it was using the 3.5L VQ35DE V6 engine which can
produce 287hp and in 2007, they moderately revised it and the VQ35DE V6 was replaced with a new 3.5L VQ35HR V6 which can produce 306hp @ 6800rpm.. it comes with 5-speed auto and 6-speed manual.. Top Gear voted the Z as "Car of The Year" in 2004.. it was driven around the test track in a time of 1:31.8 putting it level to the BMW M3 and Mazda RX8..

The Z comes with 4 different type of specs.. the 350Z, enthusiast, touring and grand touring.. click here for the specifications on those 4 types which i just mentioned.. not long ago, Nissan just released the roadster version.. which i don't like coz it's soft top instead of a hard top..

Anyways, even though the Z seems like the
perfect car BUT to a car freak like me and my hubby.. we think that there's room for improvement.. haha.. we've decided to add a bodykit (either a Nismo or a Veilside), get a carbon fibre hood, do some graphics, re-paint the whole car and of course, change the rims and tires..

As for me, i've always like the speed.. yea, although it has a 3.5L engine i still want it to be faster.. my hubby knows about that and he suggested that i should get used to the 'power' first before upgrading it coz right now i'm just driving around with a 1.6L engine car :p~ i'd want to turbo charged it or just super charged
it.. hmmmm.. what do you think, bb? or maybe just changed the air filter and ECU.. hehe.. better air intake?

Besides being fast, the suspension and braking system are equally important as well.. most people say that the Z's suspension is good enough, so i thought of changing the coils only.. to the Tein super flex coilovers.. bring the car down for an inch maybe.. for the braking system, only the grand touring is fitted with a Brembo® braking system.. sigh.. it
comes with a 4-piston caliper with 12.8" x 1.18" vented front discs and 2-piston caliper with 12.7" x 0.87" vented rear discs.. hopefully i could change to Brembo® brakes.. hehe..

As for the ICE (In Car Entertainment), i think with the Bose
® system is enough for me.. for the interior, i think i'd just leave it stock standard.. haha.. hopefully my dream car would be more or less looking something this! :-

Not exactly the same.. duh~ i'd want a vector graphic like that! :)

So, for the time being i'd just wait patiently for the time to arrive when my hubby do actually get me the car.. can't wait to do it up and take it for competitions.. haha! oh oh, my hubby's GTR is still my fav car as he first picked me up for our first dinner in that 'monster' :)


Tony said...

Wow...u got so much planned out for ur future ride already ? This is my next test drive car after the Bayside Blue Monster =p

:: Nicole :: said...

uh uh.. after testing out the 'monster' don't think u'd b interested on any other cars.. lol.. mine no power :p~

Tony said...

Lol, monster is for power but to score chics, ur car is the ideal choice =p hehehe Style means perfection =p

Russ said...

So, i'll have to drive Nic's new car to test your theory Tony, AKAkakakaka!...

:: Nicole :: said...

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! grrrrrrrr....