Wednesday, April 30, 2008


No, this time i didn't fry the luncheon meat and egg :P hahaha.. i can cook something else, okay?

Fried prawns with soy sauce :-

Defrost some prawns

Heat up some oil in the pan

Put the prawns in the pan to fry it til golden brown

While waiting for it to get golden brown, pour some soy sauce and add some sugar in it

Pour the sauce into the pan and ta-dah!

Stir-fry cabbage with oyster sauce

Chop some garlic

Stir fry the garlic til its golden brown and when you can smell the aroma

Pour the washed cabbage into the pan and stir fry it til it's soft

Add some salt and oyster sauce

Stir-fry the cabbage for awhile more and VOILA!

Okay okay.. i know what you think.. it looks kinda black.. well, i've to admit that i added a lil too much oyster sauce :P hey, gimme a break.. it's my first time frying this.. bb, don't worry.. you don't have to eat this as you do not eat cooked vegetables.. so i'd make salad for you, k? :)

So this was my dinner :-

Next time i'd try to make soup! :) stay tune

Monday, April 28, 2008

yellow bull or yellow horse?

I know you've heard of Red Bull.. the energy drink BUT what the hell is a yellow bull??

Here it is :-

Can you spot it? the sound of acceleration, *drool* music to my ears..

Okay.. enuff said..

And yesterday while i was driving, i spotted a yellow horse :-

I was NOT chasing the 'horse' so that i could take it's picture.. i was in fact s-l-o-w-i-n-g down so that it'd pass by me.. for once, it's NOT driven by some old uncle.. the driver was quite a young chap.. maybe in his late 20s


Sunday, April 27, 2008

1st attempt?

*boboie's update*

boboie is doing fine now.. he can run, sleep and walk.. yesterday i took some pics of him and his scar :-

Ouch! hope the scar will heal soon.. poor boboie..

Yesterday my grandma, uncle, aunty and cousin came over to see boboie.. he was so happy seeing them.. running here and there.. my aunty brought over some stuff which she bought while in Bangkok last week.. oh yea, did i tell you that she's thai?? yea, my family all married non-chinese except my mum :P

These are the stuff she got for us (me and my mum) :-

My fav tom yam instant noodle which it's not sold here in Malaysia :-

And some dumpling which you eat it with either kaya (a local jam made from eggs, sugar and coconut milk) or sugar :-

It was my 1st attempt yesterday to fry a fish! it turned out.. not a pretty sight :(

One side of the fish was burnt! :( i am NOT gonna show the burnt side *duh*

Then i fried the other half can of luncheon meat :-

And made an omelette :-

This was me and my mum's dinner last night :-

As for tonight's dinner, hmmmm.. i'd have my fav tom yam instant noodle! :) stay tune for more of my attempts to cook :P

Thursday, April 24, 2008

~ boboie ~

I still remember the day when we (me and my bb) brought boboie home.. he was such a cute adorable puppy :-

Read my 1st post about boboie here and my bb's 1st post too here..

It has been almost a year since boboie started to roam around my mum's house.. did you watched the video at my bb's blog? hehehe.. he was sooooooooooo insanely cute trying to walk and run..

The time of this post is being publish is the time boboie is going under the knife.. why surgery? coz his testicals didn't come out.. the vet suggested to go for operation.. if not, it'd be cancerous.. i'd do anything to make boboie healthy and to live longer..

Boboie is officially 1 year and 1 month old.. here are some pictures of him before he got his fur all shaved :-

Boboie loves to sleep by the door when i go online in my room :-

This is boboie now :-

View boboie & cheedie's pictures during their 1st date here and ALL of boboie's self-portraits here

I know it's a small minor operation and i can't help but feeling sad and worried.. i hope boboie won't suffer too much after the operation.. am gonna miss him coz he has to stay in the hospital overnight..



Me and my mum reached the clinic before 9am.. boboie was taken inside to see the doctor and he got sprayed with the anti-ticks thingy.. he didn't like the smell.. while he was getting sprayed, i took some pictures of the poor lil sick doggies and cats in their cages :-

Think boboie sensed something was wrong.. he looked at me and my mum with his pitiful eyes :-

He was schedule for 11am operation but the vet decided to do it earlier.. so by 9.30am, they took boboie into the surgery room.. me and my mum went to have breakfast and as we finished eating, the vet called and say the operation is a success :) we went back to the clinic immediately..

Boboie was already awake by the time we arrived.. he looked so blur.. i guess it's the effect from the anesthetic..

Boboie was making noise when he saw us.. i think he was telling us that he's in pain.. poor boboie.. gonna take him back home later tonight.. will update again soon

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


YES! the policemen in Malaysia are DAMN un-ethical.. previously i've seen most of the policemen driving WITHOUT their seatbelt.. why without seatbelt? so that they can get out from the car and chase robbers faster?? *eyes rolling*

Today while i was driving towards NPE from KL Sentral, i saw with my OWN eyes that a policeman was driving while talking on his MOBILE PHONE!! WTF, riiiiiiiiiight???!! i soooooooooooooooooooo wanted to take a picture of that BUT if i do, it means i'm not obeying traffic rules (using phone while driving)..

So, i took down his car number..

ATTN : -

Car : Proton waja
Number plate : WMY 2996
Place : Bangsar Baru
Date : 22nd April 2008
Time : 3.15pm

To hell with equipping CCTV on the police cars, increasing their salary, providing them guns and etc IF this is what we get.. policemen should be the people's good example on the road.. they have the power to catch traffic offenders BUT they themselves are breaking the rules!

"Malaysia TAK Boleh"

ps: anyone can tell me where i can make a complain? *sigh* maybe it's just useless..

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Attn: this is a non-halal post

Today i've decided to do some cooking :P yea, you heard me.. i COOK >.< well it's nothing fancy.. just some simple homemade sandwiches.. since i DO NOT like lettuces and tomatoes, i didn't bother to put them into MY sandwich even just to take pictures! pffffffffft ~

First, i buttered some bread and fry it in a pan :-

Then i prepared some ham and luncheon meat before frying them in the pan :-

Finally, after all the frying :-

I wish there's soup but i ran out of Campbell's mushroom soup :P so i substitute it with :-

Icy-cold lychee drink!! ahhhhhhh....

I made a ham and cheese sandwich :-

And also a luncheon meat + fried egg sandwich :-

ps: i wonder how much calories i've consumed today.. hmmm.. btw, those sandwiches are my one and only meal of the day! :P