Thursday, May 21, 2009

road trips?

Sometimes i feel like going for road trips.. with friends of course.. girls to be specific =.=

Although i've been to penang a few times coz my in laws are there, i've never had those famous delicious hawker food before! yea, you heard me.. all i had which is famous were the fried kuey teow at lorong selamat AND cendol in town.. sigh..

I want to go on a road trip! food hunting and shopping.. i just want to go places with friends, have a good time, have fun, eat, laugh and be merry..

I almost went to bangkok a few months ago.. you know, before they closed the airport coz of the riot.. i was supposed to go there with a few girl friends BUT luckily we didn't.. i'd have imagine if there was no riot and we went there, we'd have a good time..

Ok ok.. actually i've NEVER been out from KL/PJ with friends only before.. so this friday me and 2 other girl friends are heading down south! yay! :)


The Mrs Blogs said...

If Bangkok count me in, hehe :) I love road trips too, enjoy yours this weekend!