Thursday, May 28, 2009


No no, it's not Kota Kinabalu or Kuala Kangsar.. it's Krispy Kreme i'm talking about! :p

I know i'm a tad outdated as the krispy kreme outlet has been opened for quite some time.. well, i purposely waited til the craze died down first before buying it.. i'm not the kind pf person who would queue up for hours just for donuts :p heck, i won't even queue up to just enter a Louis Vuitton shop..

Anyway, i just bought 6 original glazed, 2 chocolate iced cake, 2 hershey's dark chocolate, 1 powdered strawberry filled and 1 chocolate iced kreme filled.. 12 doughnuts for rm23.90.. not so expensive, eh? :)

Excuse moi for the lousy pictures.. it's coz i took it with my lousy 3.2mp nokia camera phone =.= i'm so gonna share em' with my friends as i can't possibly eat all of them by myself! er... well, maybe just the 6 of the original glazed ones.. hehe..

ps: dunkin donuts, big apple donuts and donuts.. you ALL are going DOWN! muahahahaha...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

online shopping?

Ever since i discovered online shopping, there's no turning back.. remember when i did my first ever online purchase? i bought :-

Bling H2O

Bvlgari sunglasses (from ebay for half the price of what is selling here and it's certified its authencity)

And i've been buying clothes online quite frequent.. from the price for the clothes are quite decent AND what's important is the quality is pretty good :) the clothes are basically like the ones you see at MNG and Forever 21..

I usually now will get stuff online which i can't find it here in malaysia or even in singapore.. example :-

Victoria Secret (python luggage tag & passport holder)

I saw this from xiaxue's blog and i fell in love with it hence i asked someone to get it for me from the states :)

Baby Phat top (i love kimora lee simmons!)

Ralph Lauren Rugby (from

So, there.. i seldom go shopping at the mall anymore as i can get clothes online.. plus the chances of me clashing with anyone wearing the same clothes as i am will be lower.. hehe.. isn't that nice? :)

ps: i will blog about my road trip with my girl friends soon.. just give me some time to edit my pics.. the post will be FULL with pics for the first time ever! wheeeeee~~

Thursday, May 21, 2009

road trips?

Sometimes i feel like going for road trips.. with friends of course.. girls to be specific =.=

Although i've been to penang a few times coz my in laws are there, i've never had those famous delicious hawker food before! yea, you heard me.. all i had which is famous were the fried kuey teow at lorong selamat AND cendol in town.. sigh..

I want to go on a road trip! food hunting and shopping.. i just want to go places with friends, have a good time, have fun, eat, laugh and be merry..

I almost went to bangkok a few months ago.. you know, before they closed the airport coz of the riot.. i was supposed to go there with a few girl friends BUT luckily we didn't.. i'd have imagine if there was no riot and we went there, we'd have a good time..

Ok ok.. actually i've NEVER been out from KL/PJ with friends only before.. so this friday me and 2 other girl friends are heading down south! yay! :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I've always observed how my grandma, my aunty and my mum made soup BUT i've never made it myself before until now...

So, for starters.. i made a simple soup with anchovies, ginger, chinese flowering cabbage and also cabbage..

My mum bought me some anchovies from the market

Put the anchovies into a pot, add some oil and ginger, stir fried it for awhile.. then add water, put in the cabbage and add a pinch of salt :) boil it til the cabbage turns soft and serve

My dinner

The soup i made

The soup turns out exactly how my grandma, my aunty and my mum made it :) yay!

Monday, May 18, 2009

homemade sandwich?

Besides trying my hands on cooking, i'm trying to make sandwiches as well.. i know it won't be like the subway or o'briens sandwiches BUT at least it will fill my stomach when it's growling.. hehe..

This is not my first time making sandwiches.. obviously =.= i've made tons of it but just never blog about it..

The sandwich which i've made contains chicken ham and omelette.. that's all :p i got no lettuce, so.... anyways, i think it's all good.. hehe..

An egg with added salt and pepper

Omelette and chicken ham

First i buttered the bread/bun

Cut the chicken ham and omelette into half

I made 3 sandwiches.. and with 1 vitagen.. it was my dinner for the day

It was quite filling!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

night view?

This is what it looks like during the night.. looking out from our condo :-

The last time i sat at the balcony was with my bb.. both of us sitting on the bar stool overlooking the night scenery while sipping vitagen :) ever since then, i've never sat at the balcony again.. coz there's no one to share with me this beautiful view..

I remember the first time i sat at the balcony.. it was with my bb.. our place was still under renovation.. we bought 2 LARGE domino's pizza and sat at the balcony enjoying the view while munching away the pizza that we bought.. we imagined what would it be like to move in and stay together.. we were so eager to move in..

Fast forward a year later.. now we've finally moved in but my bb is often not here with me at home.. sigh~~

Monday, May 11, 2009


For the past... let's see.. less than a month, i've been cooking quite often.. my bb is proud of me and he has already made his order.. he wants a home cook steak! always a meat person :p

Gosh, i hope i'm not turning this blog into a food blog =.= well, you know.. i need my s p a c e to "boast about the things my bb bought for me" and make you guys zealous.. yea, i'm a pain in YOUR arse, i'm a biatch AND i'm LOVING it! muahahahaha...

Anyway, i'm gonna show you pictures of what i have cooked for my 4 dinners..

1st dinner

Wrapped the fish in the aluminium foil with ginger, 2 tablespoon of water and a dash of soy sauce

Put it into the steamer and set it for 15mins (min)

Meanwhile, tossed some garlic into the pan with some oil (garlic is VERY important) and stir fried the veggie

My fried fish with soy sauce, steam fish with ginger and soy sauce and stir fried veggie with ginger, garlic and oyster sauce

2nd dinner

Using A1 mix

Steam fish

Stir fried french beans with oyster sauce

3rd dinner

Lady's fingers + squid with A1 portuguese mix

Fried prawns in soy sauce (nikie's fav)

4th dinner

Black pepper seafood fried rice

Stay tune for more pictures! ;)

Thursday, May 07, 2009

mini iphone?

When apple first introduced the iphone, i was so excited.. coz it looks FUN! but secretly i wished the iphone could be smaller and slimmer.. before my bb bought me my nokia E71, i was considering of waiting for the 3G iphone and the HTC Touch HD.. BUT alas, i got the E71.. why? coz i realized that it's quite a hassle for me to use a touch screen phone as i like to sms while driving! hehehe.. it's just so much easier if i get a phone with a keypad.. preferably with a qwerty keypad :)

Somehow, someone out there... in china, heard my wish.. they came out with a mini iphone! hahaha... my bb bought 2 of it when he was in batam, indonesia.. he said it's cheap.. only rm400 each..

Wanna see how it looks like?

It is as small as my palm

I just realize that my bb didn't set the time and date

Look at the applications

There's absolutely NO way you can type a sms with your finger.. not even with your pinky.. look how small the buttons are! you definately need a stylus.. hahaha..

But you can make phone calls easily tho ;)

And this is how the mini iphone camera quality looks like :-

I actually love the size and the cute-ness of the phone BUT once again, the keypad is just ridiculously small =.=

Oh yea, this mini iphone has something which the real iphone doesn't have.. the mini iphone has an external... TV ANTENNA! yeah, man.. you can tune in to watch RTM1, RTM2, TV3, NTV7 and 8TV.. just no astro yah.. LOL!!

Anyone wants to buy it? my bb can get it for you :)