Friday, December 28, 2007

~ Happy B'day Jesz!! ~

We're back!!! from penang BUT we didn't do much there.. coz my bb was sick :( so i had to take care of my bb and we spent mostly of our time in the hotel room.. anyhow, we did manage to catch up with my bb's family members :)

Oh yea, i forgot to wish jesz, HAPPY B'DAY!!! i know.. i know.. it's waaaaaaaaaaaay too late already but hey, i came over to your paaarty, right?? hehehe..

And i stole a picture from jesz's facebook *nyek nyek nyek*

ps: i don't look fat in the pic, huh? i soooooooooooooo lurve your camera, jesz.. hahaha..


ckwei said...

nope, not fat at all :) russ's shirt looks kinda interesting.. novelty top?

btw can u pls help me ask ur friend where she got her top from? looks awesome. thanks :)

zewt said...

happy new year nicole. send my regards to russ too...

have a good one!

:: Nicole :: said...

ckwei: jesz said she bought the top at catch up, sunway pyramid