Sunday, December 09, 2007


Since i'll be upgrading my car from a korean car to a japanese car, i might as well upgrade myself too! so that i can match up with the sexy Z!

The first thing which i've to do, is to make-up!! i don't really want to put heavy make-up everytime i go out.. coz it'd take ages! and i bet my bb would be rolling his eyes.. 1 of the reason why my bb adores me is that i don't wear make-up and he likes natural beauty.. so i don't want to change now and always putting heavy make-up everytime we go out and make him wait for half an hour or so :P

I just want to be as simple as i can! so i only want to do the basics.. oh yea, this is what i bought to get me started!

Skin Food - Bronze Vitamin Shadow

Lancôme - Waterproof Mascara

The box set comes with an eye cream AND make-up remover! :)

So bb, next time i'd take a lil bit longer to get ready.. so be patient, yah? *muacks*


Jason Phoon said...

no wonder you mentioned make up on chat just now .. -_-"

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Ha! Ha! Yes! Make-up also up-graded! Do post ur pic! Have a nice day!