Sunday, December 02, 2007

tous new collection?

On 21st Nov, i was given a privilege to attend an event at Tous, Midvalley.. it was the launching of their 2008 new collection.. i received a call from Tous's salesperson a week earlier to confirm for my attendance of this special event..

When i arrived there at 10.30am, the press were there and some VIPs as well.. i registered myself and even before i could tell the girl my name, she already ticked my name on the guest list AND handed over a goodie bag to me! :) i felt like a VIP (Very Important Princess).. you might be surprised how did the girl know my name.. it's becoz she sold me the ring that i'm wearing right now :) think she'd recognize my bb as well

Anyway, there were speeches to be make by some VIPs and we all were shown Kylie Minogue's new music video clip as she's the newly appointed brand ambassador for Tous.. after that, there were a couple of models parading the new collection from Tous.. i should've brought my camera.. DARN! but fret not, i got my trusty 2MP camera phone with me..

At the end of the event, w all were given refreshments and free flow of lemonade all round! :) i took the chance and went up to the salesperson and asked if there's a sample of the triple solitaire diamond ring.. she told me it has not arrived yet :(

Guess how much is the ring above.. it's rm xx,xxx.. yea.. 5 digits! but it's so beautifoooool *drooling*

I got home and opened up my goodie bag.. this is what inside it :-

Btw, the pendent is VERY light.. so it's NOT silver nor platinum! hahaha.. GOTCHA! :P

Oh yea, when i was attending the event i noticed a not-so-young lady standing next to me.. she was looking at me from head to toe!


Come on, i DO own some Tous jewellery, okay? just becoz i didn't wear/show off my necklace and pendent, doesn't mean i'm not a Tous customer.. in fact, i've spent more than rm 10k for my ring, earring, necklace AND pendent! grrrrrrrrrr.....