Monday, December 10, 2007

what do you think?

I found something REALLY interesting on the newspaper today..

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How ridiculous can those government people could be??

At last, someone took notice..


Jason Phoon said...

grrr, my blood was boiling after reading the papers today too, but for another matter altogether.

what's wrong with our gahmen ??

zewt said...

nvm... we all still love the food.

anitakrishlee said...

It seems pretty common these days. Got to be very careful with identity theft.

:: Nicole :: said...

anita: it's not about the identity theft.. but about those ppl asking the poor girl to change her identity just coz they issued this poor girl's identity to someone else! why can't they just cancel off that wrong identity card and issue this girl her real identity card with a new number??

anitakrishlee said...

Simple. It's because it takes too much time and effort. They would rather talk about belacan making than to lift a finger.

Yep, you're right (only had a glance at the title). So, it's not identity theft but may lead to it if the other "girl" (who has been issued this girl's identity)conciously uses this girl's identity.