Sunday, December 02, 2007

FJ Benjamin?

I was cordially invited to a preview special of the FJ Benjamin's warehouse clearance on 30th Nov at Parkroyal :) wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

It says additional 10% discount for HSBC credit cardholders.. here i come!!

So when i arrived there with my aunty at 9.45am, this is what i saw (a long queue in front of us) :-

And later (within minutes) a long queue behind us :-

The door of the ballroom opened exactly at 10am and we were all following the queue to enter AND there were 2 women who didn't even bother about the queue and just cut into it just in front of the girls who were before me.. then they were stopped by the FJ Benjamin staffs coz they didn't wrapped up their handbags in plastic bags as bags and handbags were NOT allowed into the sale premise! serve them right! hahahaha...

When i entered, the people were ALL over everywhere! they created such a havoc! i managed to snapped some pictures in between while i was doing my shopping grabbing, pushing and finding my way :-

An hour after that, me and my aunty were at the check out counter.. we managed to grabbed some stuff.. i would DEFINITELY would feel sorry for myself IF i didn't buy anything.. not after all the pushing, grabbing, shoving, yelling and etc..

This is what i bought :-

MY first pair of Guess stilettos (RM 80)

MY first Guess skirt (RM 90)

MY first La Senza's mug (RM 20)

MY first set of La Senza's nightie (RM 50)

I'm SO proud of myself that i managed to get at least a few things out from the warehouse clearance.. my FIRST warehouse clearance experience.. hahaha.. i'd do it all over again IF there's a warehouse clearance which is worth to go! :)