Sunday, December 09, 2007

does looks really matters?

I've just finished watching THS: Supermodels 'Beyond the deep skin' on E!.. and i'm inspired to write this..

Do you know that even the supermodels have insecurities? they are ALWAYS trying to look prettier and thinner.. some even turned to cocaine so that they'd go on all day without eating in order to loose a few pounds.. and some would pull out their back tooth so that they'd have nicer jawline also some took it to the extreme where they would remove a rib bone in order to make their waist smaller! i mean, they are SUPERMODELS, someone who's supposed to be the MOST BEAUTIFUL girl in the world and yet they have insecurities.. maybe i should blame it on the modeling industry but i guess no matter how much confidence you have in yourself, somehow you'd feel insecure as long as you are a GIRL!

No guys would understand us, girls.. it's hard for them to put themselves in our shoes.. they don't know why we would make a fuss when they look at other girls.. to them, it's just looking.. they think it's alright to compliment on other girls, browse on girl's pictures online, and etc.. some guys even believe that it's okay to have some harmless flirt with other girls..

Guys, let me tell you this.. we girls DO HAVE insecurities.. especially when you compliment about other girls right in front of our face or not.. i know that some girls would say that they're VERY confident in themselves.. but i think most of the girls, do feel insecure.. we'd constantly make ourselves beautiful by applying make-up, plastic surgery, diet and etc.. we DO NOT want to look like an old rag!

There are SO many beautiful girls out there.. it's like every girl is competing and outdo-ing each other.. if you say you're beautiful but there will ALWAYS be someone more beautiful than you.. one thing which we girls HATE the MOST is getting old (ageing)! skin sagging, boobs sagging, wrinkles, gray hair.. this is how we'd look in our 50's, 60's and throughout our life!

So guys, you could have a beautiful gf/trophy wife BUT just bear in mind that that pretty face won't last FOREVER.. what are you gonna do when they age? divorce them? ditched them? for a younger and prettier girl?

ps: or maybe it's just me feeling insecure? hmmmmmmmm...


Jason Phoon said...

I had no idea that people can remove their ribcage ... O_o

but yeah, guys try to outdo each other by being ultra-rich too ...

so how ?

Be zen and forgo materialistic shallow things. Then you might find true happiness ... i think.

Shopaholicfern said...

well said nicole...girls to some extend feels insecure about themselves no matter how good looking they already are. u're not the only one feeling insecure, there are gazillion girls out there feeling the same.. :-)