Thursday, December 20, 2007

christmas shopping?

I went out to midvalley with my aunty today to do some christmas shopping before my bb comes back :) and we spent more than 3 hours there! i got a black top from roxy and another 2 singlet top from MNG.. also i was searching high and low for the perfect lil christmas present for my bb.. luckily i wore my comfy crocs! :P~

Anyway here are some pics of the christmas decor at midvalley AND also the top i bought from roxy :-

After sending my aunty home about 8pm, i went home too.. i took a couple of pics to show you guys how the interior of the Z looks like at night :-

Okay, that's all for now.. i will try to update my blog again :) well as you guys know, my bb is coming home.. so we'd be spending lots of quality time together *wink*


chewy said...

so got surprise for russ when he comes home?