Sunday, December 16, 2007

model or owner?

Today i told my bb that i want to be a car model while we were chatting on skype.. just like jesz and the rest of the girls.. but then i have to go for liposuction and fake boobies first! muahahaha!!

BUT my bb asked me 'isn't it better to be a Z owner instead of just posing with nice cars which aren't even yours?' hmmmmm.. he got me thinking.. bb, i know you're just trying to make me feel better.. hehehe :P i appreciate that :) *muacks* anyway i don't think i'm good enough to be a model.. so i'd just stick to being my bb's personal model and him being my personal photographer!

Oh, regarding about my experience driving the Z.. mmmmmmm.... i got so much to say about it but just couldn't find the right/exact words to it.. for now, all i can say is that the experience is AMAZINGLY SUPERB AWESOME!!

So far, i've done about 400km just in less than a week!! yea, you read that right.. hehehe.. i've been driving the Z everywhere and everyday.. so far, RM100 petrol could give me about 310km.. IF i just tap my foot lightly on the accelerator (which it's a hard thing for me to do), it'd probably take me even more further :P

Yea yea, i've been a naughty girl.. going 170kmph on the NPE (New Pantai Expressway).. i can't go 180kmph as the speedcut will kick in! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......... and my bb will only remove it for me a year later or so.. at least until he thinks i'm ready to handle the power.. oh oh bb, 2007 is ending soon.. does that mean you'd remove the speedcut for me in jan 2008?? *praying hard*

Today i took the Z for a wash.. it cost me RM20 but it's all worth it.. the guys did a good job.. they even scrubbed the wheels nuts! only the BEST for the Z AND also the GTR :) oh oh.. and me too!!

The Z now is spanking clean and ready to go! vrooooooooooooom... we're ready to hit the streets once again tomorrow!! :) just me and the Z


Russ said...

U went 170kmh?? Notty girl!!

No speedcut removal for u bebee... coz u'll definately be doing 200+ all the time on the highways.. :P

Good to see you're taking good care of the Z and also making sure its always clean.. :)

ckwei said...

don't sully your own dignity by becoming a car model. no offense but i just don't think a girl should do things like that. a model should be just a model that struts down the runway displaying the lastest in haute couture imho, not a sideshow for exhibitions to attract pervs. i don't think russ would like that as well, allowing wolves all around to rape you visually. at least not me, i wouldn't allow my own gf to do that :P

Anonymous said...

hmmmm , car model ... *OUCH*.

wow, 170KPH! I've driven at 200kph and it feels scary ... take it gradually ok. And careful for the speed traps, those sneaky police...

:: Nicole :: said...

bb: no speedcut removal?? :'(

ckwei: how i wish there are guys model posing with some muscle car so that we girls can drool all over.. it's unfair that only the guys get to drool over the girls model.. can't let the boys have all the fun only, right?? :P~

jason: doing 170kmph on the Z feels like u're doing 80kmph! hahaha.. hmmm... my bb will settle for me IF i do get any speed tickets! LOL!

Russ said...

Settle for u?? Who said?? :P