Thursday, October 18, 2007

certified pedigree?

Every thursday i'd take boboie for grooming.. for his weekly shower and to trim his fur.. so while i was waiting for him, i took some pictures of the shih tzu pups on sale :-

The pups were SO cute and adorable.. they certainly did made me wanted to buy them home so they could play with boboie.. the shop is selling them all off for RM980 each with MKA (Malaysian Kennel Association) cert.. cheap right? Anyway, this is boboie getting his nails clipped :-

All of the groomers wear a mask.. it's good coz it's more hygiene.. boboie's usual bath routine includes nail clipping, cutting the fur on the paws, cleaning the ears, picking the fur on his ears, shaving his arse fur, bath, trimming the fur on his face, cleaning his eyes.. it all cost ONLY RM28! which is DAMN cheap compare to those which is like RM60..

Oh yea, finally i got boboie's MKA cert.. looks like his ancestors mostly came from US and Aust.. example boboie's grandfather (mum's side) was imported from Aust, boboie's great grandfather (dad's side) was imported from US via Hong Kong.. this is how the cert looks like :-

So i could safely say that boboie is not a mixed breed :) so it's worth the money buying him.. furthermore he has the most nicest eyes a shih tzu has.. remember those grey-ish green eyes?? mesmerizing... hehe...