Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Sorry guys for being MIA for so so long.. let me update you with the pictures i took whilst i was away.. but then it's more like a summary as i know you guys somehow already know where i've been through my bb's blog

11th Sept
Me and my bb went to Dragon I, 1Utama for dinner.. it was my 2nd time there.. the food was not bad :)

For food pics, please click here

Then we went off to Penang for a few days and we stayed at Ghotel.. my fav hotel in Penang :) why? coz it's a very nice hotel and also it's just next to Gurney Plaza! :p anyway, we got ourselves an 'Executive Suite'.. the room was the same.. the only difference was we got free internet access in our room! =.= also, we can eat and drink all we can at the Executive lounge :-

Oh yea, as for our room view.. check this out :-

As for the gym and pool view :-

It's a drop off pool, by the way.. we couldn't resist not swimming in the lovely pool with a lovely view.. so we did what we had to do :-

We swam from daytime til sun down.. yea, typical us me.. more bikini pictures, click here

Besides hanging around at the hotel, we went to places such as :-

14th Sept
We had our lunch at Manila Place, Gurney Plaza.. was our 1st and last time.. the price was reasonable and the atmosphere was nice BUT the food just so-so =.=

16th Sept
Lunch at Pastasia, Gurney Plaza.. everytime when we're in Penang, we'd at least visit this cafe once.. they really have a long list of pasta :) there's ONLY 2 outlets in Penang.. 1 is at Gurney Plaza and the other just newly opened at Queen's Bay mall.. check out the food :-

At night, we dropped by to SegaFredo where Ramsey was working.. the one at Gurney Plaza..

And this is Ramsey (right) with his colleague..

21st Sept
Celebrated my father in-law b'day at Chilis.. the entire family was there and it was filled with laughters :)

From left : Reid, my mum in-law and my father in-law

Clockwise : Chantalle, Randall, Cherrelle and Ramsey

Last but not least, not forgetting the pic of US

After dinner, we went clubbing with Russ's brothers (Ryan, Ramsey & Randall), cousin from greece and a few other friends at QE II.. it was my 1st time taking tequilla shots and i had 2! and before that i bottoms up 2 glass of whiskey + coke.. 2 bottles of tequilla gone that night..

23rd Sept

Found a nice place for our lunch.. think Kenny Sia went there before with the Nuffnang members.. it's Foodloft! :) it was a lil pricy BUT we just love the environment and the choices of food.. it's like a food court BUT better!

24th Sept
Our last lunch before we left for KL.. Wong Kok restaurant, Gurney Plaza.. although it's a small restaurant but the food was nice :)

My bb's wanton and his coffee..

Mine was shark's fin soup with crab meat

Ice-blended lychee

Stir fried spaghetti portuguese style

In between the Penang trip, we did came back to KL for awhile.. then off we went to Cameron Highlands for a day.. my bb drove there at night and boy, was it dark.. the road was twisty and i felt dizzy and wanted to throw up.. wonder what will happened IF i throw up in my bb's car >.<>

Armed with a map, we found our way to :-

Uncle Sam's farm

Click here for more greenies

Kea's farm

And Ta Dah! the boot was FULL with vege and cactus.. heheh..

T Cafe - the only place for strawberry scones in Cameron

My strawberry cheese cake

Me and Darren

Cameron Bharat

Us sipping our tea while enjoying the nice scenery :)

Okay.. that's ALL for now.. stay tune for more pictures of our Singapore trip that we went recently, the things that i bought and also the car that me and my bb WILL test drive.. all coming soon! :)

FYI: all of the pictures above was taken with my camera phone, S500i


lovegoddess said...

i love the pic of russ cuddling u in the swimming pool ;)

so loving and sexy ;)

eh... i almost didnt recognise chantalle and cherrelle at that angle from the pic

but i can see reid has grown taller quite a bit!! ;)

Russ said...

wow... thats such a long post! Finally bebee, u beat me to a few articles I had in mind to blog! :P

I miss swimming with u in G Hotel swimming pool and also in the jacuzzi.. :P